Chilli & ‘Boy Meets World’ Actor Matthew Lawrence Reportedly Have A ‘Game Plan’ To Start A Family Together: ‘Life Is Always A Surprise’

Chilli, Matthew Lawrence

Chilli & ‘Boy Meets World’ Actor Matthew Lawrence Reportedly Have A ‘Game Plan’ To Start A Family Together: ‘Life Is Always A Surprise’

The romance between TLC member Chilli and “Boy Meets World” actor Matthew Lawrence is becoming a little more serious.

In a recent interview, Matthew Lawrence opened up about his girlfriend Rozonda Chilli” Thomas while reportedly discussing the state of their new relationship, how they met, and how fate played a major role in their new love affair.

Chilli and Matthew Lawrence (via Christal Jordan/TMZ)

During the chat, Matthew Lawrence, 43, reportedly shared that he and the TLC singer, 52, have a “game plan” to begin their family. When asked by the interviewer if children are in the cards in the near future, Lawrence reportedly said,

“That’s the game plan. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Referring to Chilli as a “really, really special human being,” Matthew became candid when the legendary singer’s name came up and shared,

“Life is always a surprise. My life is in a complete bloom right now. I get to spend time with an amazing woman like Chilli. I’ve never gotten to be able to experience that kind of relationship before, so it’s quite special. She’s a really, really special human being. I wish more people on the planet were like her. We’d be much better off.”


Matthew continued to dish on his lady, whose unique qualities really resonate with the “Mrs. Doubtfire” actor. He said,

“She’s just got, you know, her morals and her values. The way she treats her family. She loves my family, so important. We get along. We’ll talk on the phone and she’s like, ‘My mom’s calling me.’ I’m like, ‘Go get it. I know how important that is.’ Same thing like my mom calls me. It’s not like, ‘Why are you talking to your mom?!’ It’s like, ‘Oh, you’re mom. Go talk to your mom,’ you know?”

In addition, the actor confirmed they have met each other’s families. If you didn’t know, Chilli is already mom to 25-year-old son Tron with ex Dallas Austin.

Matthew also shared he’s met Tron and thinks he’s “so cool.” He added,

“He’s getting in shape. He’s making me feel like I gotta start doing pushups and stuff.”

Matthew Lawrence

As far as how the two entertainers met, Matthew explained,

“So we were at this thing. We were working. We just said hello in passing and probably nothing would’ve come of that, but there was this big snowstorm. I had to be back for work, so I was getting them [the airline] to change my flights all around. The only flight I could get was a connecting flight through Atlanta. She lives in Atlanta. So, she was flying on that flight. So, really it was the flight, talking and then afterwards saying, ‘Hey, let’s keep in contact.’ That’s really what made it, and it almost did not happen.”


He added,

“I mean, literally, an hour before the flight took off they were like, ‘OK, we got you on this flight. You gotta go.’ So it was just like that kind of thing.”

As previously reported, the “No Scrubs” singer seemingly confirmed her relationship with Matthew after her publicist, Christal Jordan (Enchanted PR), took to Instagram and wrote,

“[Chilli] has a [love] that can dance!!!! But most important your heart found its perfect match. Matthew is little sister/publicist/bodyguard approved!!! What a beautiful start to 2023!”

Rumors of the pair’s steamy connection sparked this past August when they were spotted together at a beach in Hawaii. However, at the time, insiders shut down all dating allegations and (instead) shared that Chilli had a TLC show in the area, which Matthew attended as a friend.

The news of Chilli and Matthew’s relationship comes subsequent to the actor’s recent divorce finalization from his ex-wife, “Dancing with the Stars” cast member Cheryl Burke.

Cheryl Burke

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely