Tamar Braxton Claims Her Relationship W/ David Adefeso Was Never Abusive

David Adefeso, Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Claims Her Relationship W/ David Adefeso Was Never Abusive

Tamar Braxton is clearing up rumors about her relationship with her ex-fiancé David Adefeso. During a recent interview with talk show host Tamron Hall, Tamar Braxton made it clear that her relationship with David Adefeso was not an abusive one. According to the songstress, she’s only experienced abuse in one past relationship. She said,

“Listen, let me tell you something Tamron, I am a survivor of a domestic violence relationship. And not at any point was David and I in an abusive relationship.”



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Tamar Braxton became emotional as she continued and added,

“I loved David. He was my best friend. He was an amazing partner. He was my son’s best friend as well. They were best friends. And it’s just so hard because through everything else, I never expected this from him.”

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso seem to have definitely had their ups and downs in their relationship. As previously reported, this past September Tamar allegedly made claims that her he threatened to kill her in a murder-suicide. However, David came forward with his own allegations against Tamar and claimed that she was the one who physically attacked him.  He said,

“Here’s the truth. I’ve been a victim of domestic violence, domestic assault. I was attacked. I was driving… and I was attacked, a blow to my neck, to my jugular. For those who know, the jugular, that carries blood to your brain. When you’re hit there, it discombobulates you. I thought I was gonna crash. I was driving fast. I had to call my mom… a 50-year-old guy having to call his mom when he’s driving, and my mom started praying.”

“Tamar was in the car, my mom started praying; only to find out that after the blow, I was being secretly recorded. Something that’s illegal…And the tape’s been sent to my family. Tapes of me in distress, in pain, calling my mom, are being sent to my family and other people.”

He added:

“I loved her with everything I had. I stood by her through thick and thin… I went to bat for my girl, as a man should, no matter what. And I’ll continue to do it today. I’ll continue to stand by Tamar no matter what. But we can’t forget the victims… the victims of domestic assault, domestic violence. Domestic violence happens to men. Forty percent of domestic abuse and domestic violence occurs against men.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel