NFL Star Calvin Ridley Reinstated After Being Suspended For Betting On League Games

Calvin Ridley

NFL Star Calvin Ridley Reinstated After Being Suspended For Betting On League Games

Looks like NFL’er Calvin Ridley will be able to suit up soon.

Following a year-long suspension, the Jacksonville Jaguars player was reportedly granted his request to be reinstated into the league and is set to return effective immediately.

Calvin Ridley, 28, shared his excitement to return to football shortly after his application was granted. The Florida native reportedly released a statement that read:

“Today’s reinstatement by the NFL brings an end to a challenging chapter of my professional career, one that was self-inflicted and began with an isolated lapse in judgement,”


“I have always owned my mistakes and this is no different. I have great respect for the game and am excited for the opportunity to restart my career in Jacksonville. I look forward to showing my new coaches, teammates, and the entire Jaguars organization exactly who I am and what I represent as a player and person.”

Calvin Ridley

With his suspension lifted, Calvin Ridley will reportedly be allowed to participate in all team activities moving forward. Exactly one year ago to date, the football player’s future with the league seemed not so bright. Ridley was suspended indefinitely after an investigation found that he had placed bets on NFL games over a five-day period in November 2021. Reportedly, the football player “placed parlay bets that included the Falcons to win via his mobile device out of state.”

After the investigation went public, Ridley denied having a gambling problem, alleging his total bets only amounted to $1,500. Still, he broke the league’s policy, which resulted in the suspension. During his time with the Falcons, Ridley reportedly had significant success. The athlete boasted 248 catches and 28 touchdowns in 49 games with the Falcons. Reports note that should Ridley play at his 2020 level, the Jaguars’ offense could soar to #1.

The Florida team also shared the athlete’s delightful sentiments, releasing a statement that reportedly read:

“Calvin is a proven playmaker and we are excited to see him compete among and with his new teammates, first during our Offseason Program in April and ultimately into the 2023 season, as we collectively pursue a championship for Jacksonville.”

Ridley is reportedly set to receive a guaranteed $11.116 million this year stemming from the rookie deal he signed with the Falcons back in 2018.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson