Diddy’s Son Justin Combs & Ex-Pro Athlete Justin LaBoy Bring Strip Clubs To IG, Some Women Making $10,000+

Justin Combs, Justin LaBoy

Diddy’s Son Justin Combs & Ex-Pro Athlete Justin LaBoy Bring Strip Clubs To IG, Some Women Making $10,000+

One of Diddy’s son Justin Combs is out here helping strippers keep their income despite COVID-19.

Justin Combs, 26, has been hosting digital strip club sessions on Instagram Live, with ex-pro basketball player Justin LaBoy for three weeks. And with actual strip clubs being shut down indefinitely, dancers are thanking Justin Combs and Justin LaBoy for their efforts.

Justin Combs told The New York Times,

“It’s become larger than life. It started out as us going to live together, and it turned into this crazy thing. People ask me every night if the Live is going on. Justin has this crazy cult like following, and it’s just getting started.”

One stripper, who’s made $4,000, also said the virtual parties have helped her pay her bills.

“If it wasn’t for Justin and his Lives I don’t know what I would have done or how I would have paid my bills or gotten food in my house.”

“My followers keep going up and up and up.It showed me that I have to do other things to get revenue. I have to pay my bills and get groceries.”

“Girls are like, ‘How did you get the courage to do this. I’m like, ‘Girl, just put a ski mask on!’”

Justin Combs

Another woman said she’s brought in $18,000 since doing the virtual shows.

 “Justin makes sure the girls make a substantial amount of money.”

This could be the new wave for the industry as a whole. The woman added,

“If I’m in the club, I’m there for eight hours. On Instagram Live, it’s five minutes. Five minutes compared to eight hours of work.”

“People ask me to send them a voice note saying their name for $500. They’ll go on my page and send the eyes or a red heart like, ‘Where you at? Where you from?’ They’re very active during this quarantine season.”

Celebrities like Meek Mill, Shaq, Lil Yachty, Casanova and YG have been spotted tuning in.

Meek Mill

Justin LaBoy launched the show at 1 a.m. while live streaming. He said,

“I was like, man, I need a demon to call up. I said, ‘Where my demons at?’”

He added that he’s gotten an overwhelming response, which caused him to charge for it.

“I was like, hold up, we can’t be doing this for free. Some girls were dancing, twerking, taking it all off.”

Justin Combs added,

“I’ve never seen a page get 30,000 followers in an hour. [He’s] doing stuff that I haven’t seen anyone do.”

Rapper Tory Lanez’s #QuarantineRadio has also made a statement on Instagram with hundreds of thousands people watching women dance on his Instagram Live. In fact, he now holds the highest record for most viewers on an IG Live.

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Authored by: Char Patterson