Shaquille O’Neal Recovering After Undergoing Hip Surgery

Shaquille O’Neal Recovering After Undergoing Hip Surgery

Shaquille O’Neal caused major concern after sharing a photo of himself in a hospital bed.

On Monday (Mar. 20), reports revealed that Shaquille O’Neal underwent surgery for a nagging hip injury over the weekend. Thankfully, the retired athlete is already recovering.

O’Neal, who initially did not provide any details on why he was in the hospital, sent a public message to his fellow TNT co-hosts, Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker on Sunday (Mar. 19). In his caption, Shaq tagged his “NBA on TNT” colleagues, saying even though he couldn’t be at work, he was still tuning in to the show.

He wrote,

“I’m always watching @TurnerSportsEJ and @Candace_Parker miss y’all.”

Parker responded,

“Love ya big Fella.”

Shaquille O’Neal

It’s unclear when Shaq will make a full recovery, however, while discussing the procedure earlier this month on his podcast, “The Big Podcast With Shaq,” he had April 16 in mind for when he could be active again.

While Shaquille O’Neal is recovering, it looks like the former athlete may have some additional trouble lurking around the corner. The Lakers legend is allegedly dodging FTX lawsuit after the crypto exchange was sued for scamming investors.

As previously reported, last November, crypto heavy-hitter FTX took a major fall and filed for bankruptcy. A month later, its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, was arrested for (allegedly) swindling money out of customers to fraudulently merge with his neighboring firm, Alameda Research, for personal gain.

Prior to the company’s crash, in early 2022, Shaquille O’Neal was among the number of celebrities who endorsed the currency brand, encouraging potential investees to join the movement.

However, his promotion of the collaboration with FTX was (seemingly) short-lived, as O’Neal reneged on any direct involvement with the operation subsequent to its recent legal matters.

In an interview, the NBA phenomenon cited,

“A lot of people think I’m involved [with FTX], but I was just a paid spokesperson for a commercial.”

Unfortunately, steering clear from the FTX frenzy may not be as easy as O’Neal had hoped it to be. The New Jersey native has been named in a class-action suit against the once-trading giant, and they aren’t letting up any time soon.

Despite O’Neal being accused of playing a role in “persuading” individuals to work with FTX, it appears that he’s turned a blind eye to the complaint and has been very avoidant when attorneys have attempted to serve him.

Shaquille ‘Shaq’ O’Neal

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Authored by: Monique Nicole