Former Lakers Star Devean George Slams Rumors That Ex-Teammate Shaquille O’Neal Once Hazed Him By Pooping In His Shoe: That’s A Lie, That’s Cap

Former Lakers Star Devean George Slams Rumors That Ex-Teammate Shaquille O’Neal Once Hazed Him By Pooping In His Shoe: That’s A Lie, That’s Cap

Contrary to popular belief, Shaquille O’Neal didn’t do anything crappy to his old Lakers buddy, Devean George.

During a sit-down on NBA veterans Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles’ podcast, their former teammate, Tyronn Lue, alleged that Shaquille O’Neal once pooped in Devean George’s shoe, and you wouldn’t believe why!

Tyronn Lue w/ fan (via @Lik_Thames on Twitter)

According to Tyronn Lue, Devean George was supposedly put in place to make a run for some donuts, and when he failed to do so, Shaquille O’Neal decided that the best revenge would be to let his frustration out in the championship winner’s sneakers… literally.

When asked if O’Neal had done any “rookie hazing” to him, Tyronn Lue jokingly indicated that the now 50-year-old was definitely a “crazy” prankster back in those times.

“Yeah, yeah! A lot. I had a lot of that. Pshhhh, come on, man!”

Lue then went into the story about George’s number-two-filled shoe. Following the hosts’ inquiry about the “poop over the toilet” matter, the Los Angeles Clippers coach was quick to say that he, in fact, wasn’t a victim of that–thankfully!

“He did that to John Celestand and Devean George. You want the story? Okay! So, one day, Devean George, he was supposed to [get] the donuts, or whatever, I don’t know, but he didn’t do it. And so… Shaq said, ‘Alright, I’ma get you, I’ma get you!’ So, we’re getting for a game, so Devean George–I think–went and worked out on the court, came back–he was getting taped or whatever.”

Shaquille ‘Shaq’ O’Neal

He continued,

“Shaq goes in the bathroom, takes his shoe in there, [and] he sh*ts in his shoe! [He] takes his shoe, comes back, [and] then he hits it to the top where [the poop] goes to the top of the shoe. So, Devean George comes in, gets ready for the game, puts his shoe on, foot sliding [right in]!” 

Devean George with sons

However, upon speaking to the paparazzi (not too long ago), George denied all claims of the mischievous occurrence ever happening!

He told sources,

“H*ll no, that’s a lie! That’s cap! And I know T-Lue started that, or somebody said T-Lue said it, [but] that never happened! He never did that! I think he did that to somebody in Orlando. I don’t remember the dude’s name, but he did that in Orlando. But he never took sh*t in my shoe.”

Clearly, there’s no bad blood between the two-whether it went down in the Lakers locker room or not. The Minnesota native did confess that O’Neal played a few games–on and off the court–but stood firm in the fact that he never took it as far as “using it” in someone’s shoes.

Further into the conversation, George applauded O’Neal for being a great companion in the league.

“Really, Shaq showed nothing but love for us, really. To be honest, he’s a big Santa Claus. I mean, he always hid stuff, took stuff, [did] pranks, made us do his errands–you know, Shaq was Shaq. But… in all, he was a great teammate; he was great guy. Great dude. Man, I love him! I love him! So, I know he’s catching some heat or whatever, but I can’t say nothing bad with my experience with Shaq. He did treat me like a rookie and a young little brother, but all love! And I love what he’s doing.” 


Devean George played for the Lakers from 1996-2006. Shaquille O’Neal’s stint on the team was from 1996 to 2004.

Both men are recognized for being two of the most notable NBA phenomenons to date.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell