50 Cent Says He Regrets Working w/ The Wrong People & Isn’t Doing Any ‘BMF’ Spin-Offs Or Selling Any Other Shows To STARZ

50 Cent

50 Cent Says He Regrets Working w/ The Wrong People & Isn’t Doing Any ‘BMF’ Spin-Offs Or Selling Any Other Shows To STARZ


It looks like 50 Cent is, once again, fed up with the STARZ network.

In a recent Instagram post, the rapper-turned-media-mogul seemingly shared his frustration with the network, noting that he no longer wants to do any future business with them.

50 Cent wrote,

“I have the number 1,2,3, and 4 top Tv shows in African American, and Latina households and i hate that i did them with the wrong people. I’m not doing any BMF spin offs or selling any other shows to STARZ. “

Over recent years, 50 Cent has been very vocal in expressing his grievances with the STARZ network. Last year, the EP called for a streaming boycott, due to the network not immediately renewing his mega-popular series. Reportedly, some of STARZ’s biggest ratings as of late can be credited to 50’s executive-produced series “Power” and its additional installments. Additionally, 50 produced the series “BMF” on STARZ, which just wrapped its second season.

During his partnership, the “Candy Shop” rapper has threatened to leave the network multiple times due to delayed pickups and production disagreements. Ultimately, 50 announced last September that he was officially walking away from STARZ. In an Instagram post announcing the decision, he wrote:

“09-17-22 official day of really owning my content & deciding where and how i do it moving forward!!! GLG GreenLightGang bulls eye we don’t miss BOOM”


His recent statement comes amid news of his new show with Nicki Minaj. Both rappers will executive produce a new animated series from Amazon Freevee based on the Dark Horse comic book series.

“The series—set in the year 2075—follows a government field agent who is left for dead by her team after discovering a dangerous secret, only to be resurrected as Lady Danger, an afrofuturistic ass-kicking Agent of B.O.O.T.I (Bureau of Organized Terrorism Intervention), who must conceal her true identity while she fights villains who are destroying the earth and its vulnerable inhabitants.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole