50 Cent Slams Vivica A. Fox Over ‘First Lady Of BMF’ Movie: You’re Not Gonna Ever Leave Me Alone!

50 Cent, Vivica A. Fox

50 Cent Slams Vivica A. Fox Over ‘First Lady Of BMF’ Movie: You’re Not Gonna Ever Leave Me Alone!

It looks like 50 Cent is calling out his ex-girlfriend, Vivica A. Fox!

One thing is for certain, 50 Cent does not hold back when it comes to expressing his thoughts.

The rapper turned mogul recently shared his opinion on the upcoming movie First Lady Of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story, taking a jab at his ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox, who is set to direct the project.

50 Cent–who is an executive producer of Starz’s BMF–took to Instagram on Thursday (March 30) to slam Vivica A. Fox for seemingly stepping on his toes.

He said,

“This should say 263 not BMF, @southwest263. What the fvck is this man! Vivica ugh, So your not gonna ever leave me alone hun? and what the fvck is judge Mathis doing in this mix. I’m done, Im done with all of you ni66as. LOL.”

It didn’t take long before Vivica A. Fox caught wind of 50 Cent’s comments. On Friday (Mar. 31) Fox had a message of her own for the tv producer.

Fox wrote,

“TGIF Dawlings! Waking up to my ex @50Cent showing #1STLADYOFBMF support! Don’t worry dawling we got this! We gonna tell @firstladytonesa REAL story! Thanks”

50 Cent has yet to respond to Fox’s latest comments.

Deadline reports First Lady Of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story is set to air on BET+ later this year. The biopic is inspired by the true life of the Detroit native. According to the site, the biopic:

“charts Welch’s rise from teen mom to drug dealer to being labeled by federal prosecutors as “The First Lady of BMF.”

“Dreams and desires, craftiness and creativity, hustle and hard work, Welch tells a harrowing story about riches, remorse, personal responsibility, and redemption set amidst the lavishness and extreme violence of Detroit’s crack era and America’s ‘war on drugs.'”

Tonesa Welch is portrayed in 50 Cent’s BMF under the name Markisha Taylor, played by LaLa Anthony. Welch has been less than pleased with how she’s been portrayed in the series. In February, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts.

She wrote,

“This is what happens when you hire the wrong representative. Please no more DM’s don’t ask me why I can’t explain it. But half y’all believe this sick shtt. Markisha character is shown in bad likeness I don’t agree with the timeline or the character traits. This show pretends it’s not me but everybody in Detroit or half the country know it’s me. Who else work at the insurance company?”

What are your thoughts on 50 Cent’s comments? Will you be watching First Lady Of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story? Let us know in the comments below!

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Authored by: Monique Nicole