Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Avoids $5 Million Lawsuit

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Avoids $5 Million Lawsuit


Nipsey Hussle‘s estate has avoided a $5 million lawsuit from Los Angeles-based singer Tasleema Yasin who claims she co-wrote the late rapper’s “Hussle & Motivate” single.

In her lawsuit, Yasin claimed that she wrote a “prominent vocal phrase” in the “Victory Lap” song and contributed to the song’s chorus and countermelody.

According to court documents, an initial settlement offer of $100,000 was made to Yasin, along with a 10% share of the masters’ royalties from the song and three other tracks. However, Yasin alleged that the terms of the agreement were not honored, prompting her to seek damages of at least $7.5 million. She later offered to settle for $5 million.

Nipsey Hussle

However, court documents recently obtained by HipHopDX show that Tasleema Yasin — who initially filed the claim back in December 2022 — had her case against the rapper’s estate dismissed after she failed to respond to the Order to Show Cause.

An Order to Show Cause is issued when,

“a court order or the demand of a judge requires a party to justify or explain why the court should or should not grant a motion or a relief.”

Judge Stephen V. Wilson claimed that Yasin — who represented herself in the suit — didn’t provide sufficient reason to the court as to why the matter should be pursued in the first place. Judge Wilson wrote in his order:

“The file in this case lacks the papers that would show it is being timely prosecuted, as reflected below.. Accordingly, the Court, on its own motion, hereby orders plaintiff(s) to show cause in writing no later than April 4, 2023 why this action should not be dismissed as to all remaining defendants, for lack of prosecution.”

Yasin failed to respond to the order in a timely manner, and Judge Wilson dismissed the case on April 11 due to a lack of prosecution.

This ruling comes roughly two weeks after the 4th anniversary of Nipsey Hussle’s death. In remembrance of the rapper, his partner Lauren London shared a heartfelt message on Instagram. 

She wrote,

“I hold my breath all of March knowing I have to face the memory of the day you transitioned….Holding on to ancient wisdom but the pain is the pain and nothing was ever the same…Eternal Being Ermias Asghedom I Love You.” 

Lauren London, Nipsey Hussle

She went on to quote a passage from the Bahá?í Sacred Writings:

“To consider that after the death of the body the spirit perishes is like imagining that a bird in a cage will be destroyed if the cage is broken, though the bird has nothing to fear from the destruction of the cage. Our body is like the cage, and the spirit is like the bird.”

Lauren London continued,

“We see that without the cage this bird flies in the world of sleep; therefore, if the cage becomes broken, the bird will continue and exist. Its feelings will be even more powerful, its perceptions greater, and its happiness increased. In truth, from hell it reaches a paradise of delights because for the thankful birds there is no paradise greater than freedom.”

In February, a Los Angeles judge sentenced Eric Holder – the man convicted of gunning down rapper Nipsey Hussle – to 60 years to life in prison. As previously reported, Eric Holder, 33, was found guilty of first-degree murder for fatally shooting Nipsey Hussle. The murder took place on March 31, 2019, outside of Nipsey’s clothing store in South Central Los Angeles.

Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder

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Authored by: Monique Nicole