A$AP Rocky’s Alleged Victim Was Convicted Of Assault 3 Years Ago

A$AP Rocky 

A$AP Rocky’s Alleged Victim Was Convicted Of Assault 3 Years Ago

While the alleged victim in A$AP Rocky’s assault case was not charged, new reports reveal that he has a past concerning abuse.

Prosecutors in Sweden charged A$AP Rocky with assault after he allegedly attacked a man named Mustafa Jafari on the street. Still, new information says that Jafari was found guilty of criminal assault three years ago. Interestingly enough, it was reportedly in the same place A$AP Rocky is accused of assaulting him earlier this month.

Jafari’s sentence was 30 hours of community service. He also had to pay the victim $500.

Since then, Jafari, who prosecutors said was acting in self-defense in his fight with A$AP Rocky, was convicted of a minor drug offense in May 2018, and a prior one in November 2017. He didn’t serve any time behind bars for those crimes but did have to pay a fine.

ASAP Rocky

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky is at risk of getting two years in jail if he’s found guilty. He’ll be held in prison in Stockholm until his trial begins on July 30.

Stockholm public prosecutor Daniel Suneson said in a statement via Stockholm’s prosecution service,

“I have today commenced criminal proceedings against the three individuals suspected of assault causing actual bodily harm, having come to the conclusion that the events in question constitute a crime and despite claims of self-defense and provocation.”

“I have studied the videos made available to the inquiry. It is worth noting that I have had access to a greater amount of material than that which has previously been available on the internet. In addition to video material, the injured party’s statements have been supported by witness statements.”

See the video of the incident below:

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