Nick Cannon Believes He Has ‘Super Sperm’ Since Some Of The Mothers Of His Children Got Pregnant While Still Using Birth Control


Nick Cannon Believes He Has ‘Super Sperm’ Since Some Of The Mothers Of His Children Got Pregnant While Still Using Birth Control: I’m Trying To Be As Responsible As I Possibly Can

Clearly, Nick Cannon doesn’t seem to have any trouble in the baby-making department.

During a recent podcast, Nick Cannon opened up about his dozen kids, and he revealed that some of them were actually conceived despite the use of a contraceptive pill!

Nick Cannon

When speaking on if he has any plans to add any more members to the Cannon Clan, Nick Cannon started off by telling the interviewer,

“I’ma give you a solid answer. As of right now, no! Like, I’m good with my dozen.”

He continued:

“There’s no way to answer that question correctly because everyone has a problem with however I answer it. So, I just say, as of right now, I have twelve, and I’m very happy.”

But… although the ‘Wild ‘n Out’ creator is content with his current number of offspring, he did (seemingly) express that he doesn’t know what the future will hold.

Cannon said,

“Who knows? I don’t know what’s in store in the future.”

Nick Cannon w/ children Monroe and Moroccan

As we all know, the 42-year-old actor/comedian is no stranger to “being fruitful and multiplying.”

However, when it comes to abstaining from any intimate acts, it appears that Cannon is still down to have his fun on the run, as (according to him) preventive measures to (possibly) halt the expansion of his family haven’t proven to be too effective.

He confessed,

“I tried [abstaining from sex]. It doesn’t work!”

Cannon went on,

“I’ma be honest! I got some super sperm or something! ‘Cause I’ve practiced birth control and people still got pregnant.”

The celebrated host/rapper then concluded:

“I’m trying to be as responsible as I possibly can and learning lessons.”


Cannon shares a set of twins with his ex-wife, iconic songstress Mariah Carey, three children (each) with dancer Brittany Bell and DJ Abby De La Rosa, and two children with model Alyssa Scott (including their late son, Zen). He also has a child with real estate agent Bre Tiesi and former The Price Is Right showgirl LaNisha Cole.

Upon mentioning the mother(s) of his children, Cannon boasted about how smooth co-parenting with the ladies had been.

He flaunted,

“If I didn’t have such amazing women in my life, it wouldn’t work. I’ma be honest. Like, if I had people who were vindictive, and jealous, and angry [it wouldn’t work]. None of them are like that!”

As you may know, just recently, Cannon came under fire after forgetting to name his daughter Onyx with LaNisha Cole. In spite of that, it’s good to know that the Cannon family tree and its many branches are all on the same accord!

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell