Sherri Shepherd Talks ‘The View’ & Her Messy Divorce [VIDEO]

sherri shepard

Despite all of Sherri Shepherd’s accolades, she’s still having some battles in her personal life. In the past year alone, she left The View and her private life has become public as she’s in a messy divorce with her estranged husband. Yet despite the challenges, she’s still positive on her out look of what the future holds for her. In a visit with The Breakfast Club, Sherri brought her big smile and comical stories to the popular radio show, as they talked everything from her divorce to Bill Cosby and how she currently feels about The View. Check out some excerpts below.


The Breakfast Club: Is your divorce almost finalized?

Sherri Shepherd: We have a long ways to go until the divorce is finalized.

The Breakfast Club: You’re paying for everything?

Sherri Shepherd: A sister got to work. I’m going to let his attorney know I didn’t get paid for this gig. You have to pay for the divorce for the attorneys and of course everybody ask you to pay all of the attorney fees. The first husband I had to pay alimony to and child support.

The Breakfast Club: How much do you pay?

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels