Boosie Slams Lawyer Claiming He Stole 70K From Him

Boosie Slams Lawyer In Tweet Claiming He Stole 70K From Him

In a new tweet, Boosie,38,is claiming that a lawyer named Kenneth Muhammad, allegedly stole $70,000 from him. In his tweet, which also includes a picture of the alleged lawyer, the Swerve rapper, said,

“This man has stolen 70K!!! Attorney Kenneth Muhammad, Attorney Kenneth Muhammad. If you r doing business with this man get out now. He’s a thief!! He’s N the Atlanta area, dm me if you see this man.” 

Beyond this tweet, the Louisiana native, Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr., hasn’t said anything more and at this time, there is no response from the alleged attorney.

Boosie, who is known by some for being over-opinionated, has never been afraid to express his thoughts. In August, he made headlines after clarifying his comments about the LGBTQIA community and Lil Nas X on the Breakfast Club. 

But prior to tweeting about his lawyer, Boosie also tweeted about new Goat Talk 3 saying,

“GOAT TALK 3 harder than DONDA frfr. #Realmusic” 

Boosie released Goat Talk 3 in July 2021 and Donda by Kanye West, was released earlier this week.


Was Boosie right for calling out his lawyer on Twitter? Tell us in the comments. 

Authored by: Ellori Nicole