Update: YSL RICO Trial Public Defender Receives Pay Increase After Claiming She May Have To Start An OnlyFans Due To Being Underpaid By The Court

Update: YSL RICO Trial Public Defender Receives Pay Increase After Claiming She May Have To Start An OnlyFans Due To Being Underpaid By The Court

Update: (May 16, 2023): Looks like public defender Angela D’Williams won’t have to start an OnlyFans to make ends meet after all.

You may recall that a few weeks ago D’Williams — alongside attorneys Eric Johnson, Justin Hill, and Suri Chadha Jimenez — filed a motion to withdraw from the viral YSL RICO case due to the “egregiously low” salary of $15,000 for the trial.

D’Williams also made headlines after she suggested she’d have to start an OnlyFans account if she wanted to support herself throughout the case, which is predicted to last a year. In her motion, D’Williams claimed,

“I can’t take any new cases. I can’t close any cases. I need something to survive off of.”

In addition, D’Williams had to subpoena the executive director of the Georgia Public Defender Council (GPDC) after multiple attempts to meet with the council’s director to address the dire need for an increase in pay.

However, according to new reports, D’Williams recently requested that the court withdraw her initial motion. It seems that her latest request follows the decision of the GPDC to increase the lawyers’ salary to a new cap of $55,000 for the year.

It’s also important to note that, despite the pay increase, Natalie Glaser — the Chief Legal Officer for the GPDC — accused D’Williams of,

“attempting to extort payment and using this subpoena as a threat to embarrass the Director and the Agency in the press.”

Reportedly, in leaked text messages D’Williams claimed the goal of her initial motion was “a way to force GPDC to pay me more money.”

Click here to see court documents and the alleged texts:

Original story: (May 4, 2023): Clearly, Young Thug and his crew aren’t the only ones affected by the YSL RICO debacle.

According to a court-appointed attorney in the controversial trial, her duties in the case aren’t even bringing in enough to feed her family, and as a result… she just might have to put down the clients and pick up a camera!

Attorney Angela D’Williams

If you didn’t know, Angela D’Williams is one of the lawyers assigned by the Georgia Public Defender Council (an agency funded by taxpayers that aids those who are unable to afford counsel) to represent defendant Rodalius Ryan in the massive Young Thug/YSL battle.

Due to the depth of the RICO charges and the crimes that (allegedly) came with them, the case is expected to drag out for (at least) a year, and officials are only wanting to compensate legal contractors a total of $15,000 for a job that would require them to work on an everyday basis.

When speaking on the (relatively) small payment, Angela D’Williams told news reporters that she’d been considering creating online content through an adult website, OnlyFans, to make up for the lack of financial fairness.

She said,

“We were under the impression that [Georgia Public Defender Council] was advocating for us, [but] once they put those walls up, I’m thinking I need to start an OnlyFans.”

Young Thug

She continued, further elaborating on why it would be an ideal way for her to generate income.

“I don’t know what else to do. I’m very serious. I might have to do OnlyFans because I can still support my client and support me and my family.”

Ultimately, after many failed attempts to meet with the council’s director to address the dire need for an increase in pay, Angela D’Williams had to subpoena Omotayo Alli (executive director of the Georgia Public Defenders Council).

Reportedly, she has decided to wait it out to see if any changes will be made after the next hearing on May 17.

D’Williams added,

“I’m not sure what resources are available because they have refused to meet with me. I’m not sure if there will be additional funding; I’m not able to take other cases. I just need to find out what the plan is.”

The Young Thug/YSL case has been deemed Georgia’s longest-running criminal trial to date. Last year, famed rapper Young Thug (along with fellow lyricist Gunna and 20 others) were indicted on RICO charges for supposedly being responsible for a slew of gang-related crimes that were committed under Thug’s YSL imprint.

As previously reported, new developments seem to arise monthly. The latest is that Young Thug’s team has been continuing to advocate for his release, as they just recently submitted (yet another) bond attempt with the “Best Friend” phenomenon’s health at the forefront of concerns.

young slime life, young thug and gunna

Gunna, Young Thug

We’re hoping that all ends well for each party involved.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell