EXCLUSIVE – Ice Cube Demands $50 Mill Lawsuit Over Big3 Be Thrown Out: It’s a publicity stunt!

Ice Cube Demands $50 Mill Lawsuit Over Big3 Be Thrown Out

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Ice Cube has headed to court demanding the $50 million lawsuit over his Big3 league be dismissed. The rapper, turned actor, turned budding sports mogul says that the lawsuit is a publicity stunt.

The Champions Basketball League originally sued Cube’s Big3 league. The suit explained CBL’s plans were to have a 16-team basketball league made up of former NBA stars.

CBL alleged Big3 defrauded them and prevented them from launching on time. The CEO of CBL, Carl George, says that he was working with Big3 until he noticed his league signed many of the same ex NBA stars as Big3.

George worked out an agreement with one of the Big3 founders and the deal was the two league’s games would not be scheduled on the same day, so players could play in both leagues.

However, CBL claims Big3 did not follow with their deal and refusing to allow their ex NBA stars to play in CBL’s first game in August.

Big3 has responded pointing out that CBL has never played a single basketball game since its announcement in 2014, after “raising” $6.6 million from Carl George.

During the past 22 months, Mr. George has reacted erratically when confronted by victims of his fraud when they realized the so-called league was in fact nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Mr. George’s solution has been to serially sue the competition and heap blame and litigation on them.

Further, they claim they never had any agreement with George over the players participating in both league games.

In truth, the parties never had an “agreement” of any kind and the allegation in the Complaint is a total fabrication. As a matter of common sense, it defies logic that something like this would take place on a single phone call with no writing or e-mail to memorialize the conversation.

Big3 denied all allegations of wrongdoing and demanded the suit be thrown out.

Shortly afterwards, Champions Basketball League amended their complaint to add Ice Cube as a defendant personally to hold him liable for damages. The suit explained they were seeking in excess of $50 million.

On January 12, Ice Cube headed to court, arguing that the only reference to him is on one paragraph in the complaint and claims he was unaware of player contracts.

He says they failed to allege any wrongdoing.  Ice Cube believes his name was added merely as a publicity stunt based on his reputation as an intentional celebrity and icon under his rape name.

The rap legend is demanding the entire case be thrown out against him.

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Authored by: TJB Writer