Cuba Gooding Jr. Avoids Civil Rape Trial, Settles w/ Accuser Minutes Before Case Was Headed To Court

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Avoids Civil Rape Trial, Settles w/ Accuser Minutes Before Case Was Headed To Court

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr.’s most recent sexual assault lawsuit has come to an end.

Reportedly, the 55-year-old movie star settled outside of court with a woman who accused him of raping her back in 2013, minutes before the case was scheduled for trial.

Judge and potential jurors reportedly gathered earlier today (June 6th) as jury selection for the civil rape trial was set to commence. As we reported back in March, Cuba Gooding Jr. was sued by a woman in 2020, claiming she was raped by the entertainer a decade ago. Minutes before the case was set to begin, however, a calendar entry in the official court record reportedly stated:

“TRIAL OFF….Reason for cancellation (on consent): the parties have resolved the matter.”

The woman, who initially went by Jane Doe, claimed in the suit that she met Gooding at a restaurant, subsequently leaving with him. According to her, the two then went back to his hotel room as he said he needed to change clothes. Jane Doe said this is where he then forced himself on her several times and she couldn’t escape. However, Gooding’s legal team has been adamant that the relations were consensual. Lawyers reportedly even claimed to have a witness that heard Jane Doe return to the restaurant, “bragging” about having sex with a celebrity.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

In her initial suit, Jane Doe was reportedly seeking $6 million in damages. It has not been disclosed, however, the amount that was ultimately settled upon. Unfortunately, the case is just another in a string of disturbing accusations made against the Oscar Award-winning actor. Back In October of last year, Gooding was finishing up court-ordered therapy. This was the result of pleading guilty to groping a woman’s breast at a nightclub in 2019. Reportedly, Gooding has been accused of some sort of unwanted sexual offense by over 30 women.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Completes Plea Agreement, Avoids Jail Time Following Arrest For Groping A Woman’s Breast

It’s noted in the suit that last week the judge decided to allow the testimonies of three other alleged victims to testify should the case go to trial.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson