Ice Cube Says He Was ‘Proud’ Of Barack Obama’s Presidency, But Admits To Feeling ‘Not Much Changed’ + Addresses Issues w/ BLM & COVID Vaccine

Ice Cube, Barack Obama

Ice Cube Says He Was ‘Proud’ Of Barack Obama’s Presidency, But Admits To Feeling ‘Not Much Changed’ + Addresses Issues w/ BLM & COVID Vaccine

Multi-talented entertainer Ice Cube recently got candid about his perspective of America.

During an interview with former Fox commentator Tucker Carlson, the rapper-turned-actor gave his unfiltered opinions about politics, the BLM organization, and the polarizing COVID-19 vaccine.

Tucker Carlson, Ice Cube

The interview is part of Tucker Carlson’s new show “Tucker On Twitter,” where the conservative commentator discusses topics related to American politics. His most recent guest, entertainer Ice Cube, real name O’Shea Jackson Sr., 54, has often stood on the opposing side of things. Many of his stances, including the presidency of Barack Obama and concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, were delineated during the episode.

Speaking on the 45th U.S. president, Cube admitted that while he was “proud” of America for taking a huge step, he feels not much has changed in the lives of everyday (Black) people due to Barack Obama holding office. He explained:

“For the first time I felt proud that America took that step…that was a moment in time. But then you look around, years go by, and not much changed – for people I know; people I care about.”


“But it didn’t change with Bush, it didn’t change with Clinton, other Bush….so at the end of the day it’s still the same results.”

The “Barbershop” actor also shared that he no longer donates nor believes in politicians due to many of them “owing” a lot of people and having “hidden agendas.”

Subsequently, the conversation leaned into Cube’s thoughts about the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd. In response to the gruesome killing at the hands of police, the civil rights organization attached to the movement raised hundreds of millions, allegedly to fight police brutality and increase the quality of living for Black Americans. However, BLM has been accused by many critics, one of its loudest being Carlson, of misappropriating funds and not truly being impactful in Black communities.

Giving his thoughts, Cube stated about the organization:

“Most of the time its a lot of people siphoning that money off the top…and the kicker is a lot of people say they gone give the money, but they don’t even give the money…they just get the article wrote, everybody think they’re great, and they never even give the money.”

Additionally, Cube touched on his controversial decision not to get the COVID vaccine. As we’ve previously covered, the actor revealed he left a $9 million check on the table after refusing to comply with production’s request that all crew members get vaccinated.

Cube said that the “rush” nature of the vaccine left him feeling it was likely unsafe, stating:

“It wasn’t ready…it was 6 month kind of rush job and I didn’t feel safe,”

After Carlson, who chuckled when asked if he’s taken the vaccine, rebutted that “they told you it was safe,” Cube added:

“But it’s not their decision. There’s no repercussions if they’re wrong, but I get all the repercussions if they’re wrong.”

The entertainer went on to state that the decision not to take the vaccine wasn’t hard because he wanted to set a good example for his kids and stand on his conviction. Cube is father to 4 children, O’Shea, 32, Darrell, 30, Kareema, 29, and Shareef, 23. A full episode with the musician is reportedly set to air on Carlson’s Twitter channel later this month.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson