Tina Lawson & Ava DuVernay Defend Kamala Harris: This Is A Matter Of Life Or Death

Tina Lawson, Kamala Harris, Ava Duvernay

Tina Lawson & Ava DuVernay Defend Kamala Harris: This Is A Matter Of Life Or Death

Ava DuVernay and Tina Lawson are coming to the defense of Kamala Harris, who was chosen as Joe Biden’s Vice President pick for his 2020 election campaign. Some voters have expressed concern about Kamala Harris’s history as Attorney General in the state of California.

Kamala served as attorney general for the state of California (2011-2017) and previously served as district attorney for San Francisco (2004-2011). One of her controversial decisions as district attorney for San Francisco, was when she passed an anti-truancy law, making it a criminal misdemeanor for parents to allow their children (kindergarten through eighth grade) to miss more than 10 percent of school days, without an excuse. The parents or guardians of truant children could face a $2000 fine or up to one year in jail.

In 2010, she was staunchly against the use of recreational marijuana. Her campaign manager at the time, Brian Brokaw, said that,

“Spending two decades in court rooms, Harris believes that drug selling harms communities. Harris supports the legal use of medicinal marijuana but does not support anything beyond that.”

In 2015, at the California Democrats Convention, her stance on marijuana slightly changed as she called for an end to the federal ban on medical marijuana, but left out the term legalization. It wasn’t until 2018, when she was a Senator, that she co-signed Senator Corey Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act.

Kamala Harris also attempted to tackle the issue of police brutality in 2015, by having California adopt a body camera program and also enforce a “first of its kind” law enforcement training. However, wearing the body camera was not mandatory for all local police officers in the state, only those working directly for her. In that same year Kamala warned against a “one-size-fits-all” solution, telling the Sacramento Bee,

“I as a general matter believe that we should invest in the ability of law enforcement leaders in specific regions and with their departments to use [their] discretion to figure out what technology they are going to adopt based on needs that they have and resources they have.”

Another controversial stance that Kamala has taken started when the Supreme Court back in 2011, demanded that California reduce its prison population by 33,000 inmates in the next two years due to overpopulation resulting in starvation and even death.

In 2014, federal judges ruled that “all nonviolent second-strike offenders be eligible for parole after serving half their sentence.” Most of those prisoners were working as groundskeepers, janitors and kitchen staff, according to the LA Times. However, Kamala’s  lawyers argued in court that releasing them would drastically reduce their prison labor pool. Later on, she told Buzzfeed News that she was shocked to her her lawyer’s defense,

“I was very troubled by what I read. I just need to find out what did we actually say in court.”

This now brings us to Tina Lawson, who came to the defense of the Senator after seeing a post stating,

“When you get finished trashing Kamala Harris, re-focus on this madman who doesn’t care about you or your loved ones dying.”

In response to the post, Tina Lawson wrote,

“Saw this and thought that I would post it !!! Please do not lose focus on what we need to do to keep moving forward !!! Do you want 4 more years of this????? Sen.. Harris might not be your first choice , But SHE iS The choice of Vice President Biden . So she is the only choice! And remember she is smart , Qualified , and Experienced , and will do a good job as Vice President!!!! !! Listen guys! I totally understand , If you have concerns about things you did not like that she did iin the past . Work to make her accountable , Ask the questions you need to ask of her in a constructive way , seeking knowledge , not reprimanding!!! Demand that things that are important to us in the criminal justice system be spelled out clearly commitment to equality!!!! No candidate has a perfect record!!! Make sure you research all of the things she did Good And Bad !! The other side would love nothing better than for us to continue to be divisive about our candidates. Stop wasting valuable time and get out and register everyone you know that is not registered to vote !!!!”

Ms. Tina then continued, stating,

“OK guys I love you ! but for those of you who are saying all of the negative things about her that she’s done!! What is your alternative? What is your plan ? If you have another solution please share it with me and the rest of the world!!!!! So is your plan not to vote AGAIN????!! So you would rather have the present administration in office ? This is very dangerous what you guys are doing !!!’ It is the same kind of thing that happened in 2016 and that is why we are where we are today !!!! Be responsible!!!”

Director Ava DuVernay also echoed a similar sentiment as Ms. Tina, coming to the defense of Kamala Harris, stating that there is “no debate anymore”,

“There is no debate anymore. There’s no room for it in my book. We either make this happen. Or literally, more of us perish. People are dying. Someone I love died. This virus is real. If it hasn’t visited your doorstep, it will. Oh but, Kamala did this or she didn’t do that. I hear you. I know. And I don’t care. Because what she DIDN’T DO is abandon citizens in a pandemic, rip babies from their mother’s arms at the border, send federal troops to terrorize protestors, manufacture new ways to suppress Black and Brown votes, actively disrespect Indigenous people and land, traffic in white supremacist rhetoric in an effort to stir racist violence at every turn, attempt to dismantle most American democratic systems of checks and balance, degrade women all day everyday, infect the Supreme Court with another misogynist hack, demolish America’s standing on climate, actively cultivate and further white supremacist structures and systems across all aspects of American daily life. I mean, that’s what she DIDN’T do. So I don’t wanna hear anything bad about her. It doesn’t matter to me. Vote them in and then let’s hold them accountable. Anything other than that is insanity. It’s ego. It’s against our own interests. It’s selfish. It’s disrespectful to our elders. It’s nonsense. It’s talking to hear yourself talk. This is a matter of life or death. We need all our energy focused. This is a fight for more than can be expressed here. There is no debate anymore. Not for me anyway. #voteblue2020”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla