Former NBA Employee Calls Out League For Low Pay, Long Shifts, & ‘Overextending’ Its Staff

Former NBA Employee Calls Out League For Low Pay, Long Shifts, & ‘Overextending’ Its Staff

A former NBA employee started off the week by shining a light on the alleged ill work treatment they had to endure.

One might assume that being hired for a job by the National Basketball Association comes with a nice financial package. Especially since it’s no secret that many of the players and coaches have inked multi-million dollar deals that afford them the chance to live lavish lifestyles. However, according to one disgruntled former staff member, the NBA doesn’t treat the rest of its employees with the respect they deserve. Earlier today (Aug. 21) an unnamed individual reportedly shared a cryptic post to the official NBA Facebook account.

In part, they wrote,

“Haven’t worked here in weeks. Anyway, the NBA overextends it’s social media employees greatly to the detriment of their health and social lives for a salary of less than $50k annually after taxes.”

The post continued and criticized Adam Silver — the current commissioner of the NBA — directly.

“I worked 14 hour shifts without breaks at times. Shoutout Adam Silver. We don’t get health insurance until 90 days on the job! That’s silly isn’t it?”

According to reports, the post was deleted from the page after roughly 20 minutes. As of now, neither the league nor Adam Silver has addressed the upload. This isn’t the first time someone under the NBA umbrella has slammed the organization for low wages.

Milwaukee Bucks reportedly settled with Lauren Herington – a former dancer – in 2015 after she sued them for allegedly being paid under minimum wage for the 2013 season. In addition to paying Herington, and her attorney fees, the team paid $250,000 to 40 dancers who joined the settlement.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel