Scottie Pippen’s Oldest Son Laid To Rest

Scottie Pippen’s Oldest Son Laid To Rest

NBA legend Scottie Pippen and his first wife Karen Pippen, laid their only son, Antron Pippen, to rest in Georgia over the weekend.

Antron Pippen died on April 18 at the age of 33. The eldest of the Hall of Famer’s children, Antron suffered from chronic asthma. However, there have been no reports on whether asthma led to his death.

Born in 1987, Antron was the offspring of Scottie Pippen’s first wife, Karen, who was a musician. The two wed in 1988 and divorced in 1990.

A ceremony was held in Antron’s honor on April 24. His mother posted,

The father of seven took to Twitter with a special message.

“Faithful, humble and resilient

Loved by all who knew him

His life and legacy will endure

RIP [praying hands emoji]”

Our condolences to the Pippen family during this difficult time.

Authored by: Èmil Flemmon