Drew Sidora’s Estranged Husband Ralph Pittman Blasts Her For “Playing The Battered Victim” & Claims She Only Asked Him To Adopt Her Eldest Son As A “Money Grab” For Child Support: ‘You’re Not Going To Take Advantage Of Me’

Drew Sidora, Ralph Pittman

Drew Sidora’s Estranged Husband Ralph Pittman Blasts Her For “Playing The Battered Victim” & Claims She Only Asked Him To Adopt Her Eldest Son As A “Money Grab” For Child Support: ‘You’re Not Going To Take Advantage Of Me’

The ongoing divorce between Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman continues to get ugly.

Following the season 15 reunion of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, the couple shared messages online that made it clear where their strained relationship stands.

Actress and reality star Drew Sidora was the first to comment on the reunion, addressing the explosive confrontation she had with Ralph Pittman’s alleged cousin Courtney Rhodes. Reportedly, Rhodes joined the series after “coincidentally” discovering that she and Pittman are related. Sidora wrote to Twitter:

“I must always protect and stand for my children against this type of evil. I gave him the opportunity to shut his unverifiable fake cousin down for her disgusting comments made concerning my son, however he refused to do so & it breaks my heart.”

In a follow up message she added:

“she meant to be nasty & rude making comments and dragging my child into this… KIDS ARE ALWAYS OFF LIMITS!!! That’s it, that’s all….we’re done!”

During the season reunion which aired this past Sunday (September 3rd), Sidora reportedly told Rhodes, whom she refers to as her soon to be ex husbands “fake cousin”, not to speak about her children because it’s off limits and she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. Though Rhodes initially denied that she did say anything about Drew’s son, a flashback clip reportedly showed the new series addition stating:

“Yeah, she was like ‘adopt this child so I can go be in my gay lover relationship and you pay the bills.'”

Courtney Rhodes

Rhodes was referring to ongoing rumors that Sidora is bisexual and has been engaging in a romantic relationship with WNBA star Ty Young. As we’ve previously covered, the actress was accused of cheating on Pittman with Young while the two were still working on their marriage, though she’s since denied the claim. Earlier this year, the basketball player’s ex-fiancée and “Love & Hip Hop” star MiMi Faust made a cryptic social media post about the allegations, suggesting they may be true. Neither Young nor Sidora ever confirmed romance rumors, however.

Additionally, Rhodes also spoke to Drew and Pittman’s pending divorce, and her alleged cousin adopting Sidora’s eldest child from a previous relationship. Together, Sidora and Pittman share two other children together. Shortly after claiming they were mending their crumbling relationship earlier this year, the pair officially filed for divorce. Sidora alleged her then husband was a “serial cheater” and claimed she was mentally abused throughout the relationship. 

However, it seems Pittman now claims his ex is exaggerating the situation to garner sympathy. In response to Sidora’s tweet about Rhodes, the reality husband wrote:

“It’s time to speak truth so let’s be real. You expect me to pay child support when he has a father that wants to play an active role in his life but you won’t let him. Your adoption request was only a money grab and control.”

Ralph Pittman & Kids

He added:

“Since the age of 3, I stepped up to fill the gap as a man and unconditionally provided from my heart without expectations. I will continue being there but you’re not going to take advantage of me or use this show to get your way. I understand playing the battered victim role earns you sympathy on this platform but you will respect me as a Father. I love all my kids and have given them the world, including you. It’s about them now. #Respect”

While there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to support Pittman’s claims, many social media users reacted to his comment with mixed opinions. Some condemned Pittman for bringing the issue to social media when Sidora only spoke on her issues with Rhodes. Others seemed to understand Pittman not wanting to pay child support.

In the end, Sidora seemed to not address Pittman’s accusations directly, ending the discussion on her part the next day, only with:

“Good Afternoon everyone have a beautiful and blessed day because the devil is working”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson