Cardi B Calls Nicki Minaj Fan Out For Spreading Rape Allegations About Her Father: ‘Everybody Gonna Wanna Cry When I Start Talking About The Real P*ssy Snatchers’

Cardi B Calls Nicki Minaj Fan Out For Spreading Rape Allegations About Her Father: ‘Everybody Gonna Wanna Cry When I Start Talking About The Real P*ssy Snatchers’

It’s definitely “up” for Cardi B when it comes to her family!

Over the weekend, rapstress Cardi B took to her X account (formerly known as Twitter) to address the recent uproar surrounding her father.

Cardi B

If you haven’t heard, Cardi B’s dad has been at the center of sexual assault accusations for quite some time now. The rumors (seemingly) ignited on the social platform back in 2020 when a Nicki Minaj stan posted an article that included alleged receipts of a rape conviction.

However, Cardi B quickly debunked the claims by deeming them “fake” and pointing out that she was born one year before his (supposed) prison release date in 1993.

She wrote,

“The fact ya make these fake a** articles with no f*ckin sense …wait so if he was [released] in 1993 how the f*ck I was born in 1992? Where his 1988 mugshot? You see ya gotta lie better [than] that!”

She followed with:

“My [father’s] name is Carlos Julio Almanzar. [An immigrant] that came to America in 1990 from Dominican Republic. If my dad would have committed any crime he would have been deported and wouldn’t be able to get a job as a cab driver for nine years!”

Subsequent to the “Bongos” rhymer’s response, whispers of the situation died down. But… apparently, rumors have been circulating throughout the virtual streets again.

Just a few days ago, another member of the infamous Barbz shared clippings from so-called legal documentation that showed (what appeared to be) Mr. Almanzar’s registration into the justice system.

They captioned the post,

“Cardi B’s father is a convicted r@pist.. and a p€dophile too.”

Cardi B w/ father Carlos Almanzar

Of course, Cardi B wasted no time combatting the user’s upload. She shot back with a warning,

“First it was the video lying on Offset, now it’s lies on my dad.. I’m pretty sure ya know offenders have to take a pic every year. Keep it cute on family…Especially offenders, pedos and molesters cuz everybody gonna wanna cry when I start talking about the real p*ssy snatchers.”

As you may know, the former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star’s name has been in the headlines quite a bit this month. Most recently, reports of her husband, Migos rapper Offset, having beef with the spouse of Nicki Minaj have set the internet on fire.

Fans of Cardi B have since suspected that the Barbs resurfaced accusations was a dig at the Grammy Award winner in defense of Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Offset, Cardi B

They then jumped to Cardi B’s aid, highlighting the invalidness of the said “proof” about Cardi’s father’s said run-in with the law.

A supporter refuted,

“Your 3rd screenshot says he WHITE. Cardi B’s father IS NOT WHITE. You posting incorrect information about her father in defense of Kenneth Petty who has been on the sex offender registry for OVER 2 DECADES just so y’all can feel more comfortable about the Nicki Minaj marriage?”

Someone else added:

“The amount of mental illness [Nicki Minaj’s] fans have is astonishing. To spread a lie like this and get exposed that it’s a lie and to keep it up is f*cked up. This is why I look at Nicki crazy cuz I wouldn’t dare have fans like this. Fans do represent the artist and this is disgusting.”

As of now, Cardi B hasn’t spoken any further about the matter. The account behind the resurfacing of the rumors did offer a reply.

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

They stated,

“Replying to small barbz accounts when your own fans crying for a reply is crazy. I guess [Cardi B] about to drop something….”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell