Singer Sparkle Denies Niece’s Testimony That She Brought Her To R. Kelly w/ Bad Intentions: I Can’t Help The Lies Told On Me

Stephanie “Sparkle” Edwards Denies Neices’s Testimony That She Brought Her To R. Kelly w/ Bad Intentions: I Can’t Help The Lies Told On Me


Stephanie ‘Sparkle’ Edwards wants to clear her name and is denying the allegations made by her niece.

Last week, R. Kelly and his legal team appeared in a Chicago court where the disgraced singer faces several criminal charges. As previously reported, a women who’s been a pivotal witness in R. Kelly’s trial testified Thursday (Aug. 18) that the R&B singer sexually abused her “hundreds” of times between the ages of 15 and 18.


R. Kelly


The now 37 year-old woman who is identified only as “Jane,” told jurors that she was first introduced to R. Kelly by her aunt in the mid-1990s when she was 13 years old. According to ‘Jane’, Kelly wasn’t the only villain.
Her aunt – singer Sparkle – has been criticized after the woman claimed the singer brought her to Kelly and said:
“I should rub his head and ask him to take that role [of godfather] in my life.”

She suggested that her parents also approved. R. Kelly took on the position, and the sexual relationship between her and Kelly began shortly after.

“They would pretty much drop me off and then leave,”

‘Jane’ said about her parents letting her stay at R. Kelly’s home.

Following the allegations made in court, Sparkle took to social media to issue a video statement denying the claims.

Stephanie ‘Sparkle’ Edwards

Although she praised her niece for finally cooperating with prosecutors, the singer says that she is at the center of a “family feud.” She insists that her niece’s parents are attempting to use the testimony to slander her name as a means of deflecting from their own neglect and support of R. Kelly – which she says occurred after his infamous 2002 sex tape. Sparkle explained,

“This is a family feud. Yesterday was a day I didn’t think I would ever see…The clear plan it to try and take me down because I’ve been so vocal. I knew that there was some anger and resentment because of my stance which is why I’m like, ‘okay, they’re going to handle their way and I’m going to handle it my way.”

She continued,

“Yesterday, my niece absolutely doing the will of her mom. This is another form of the terrible decision making of her mom. And in my opinion, the unfortunate continuous allegiance to Robert..”

She claims that she was about to get a record deal and tried to help her family and land her niece a record deal as well. Sparkle says she also asked R. Kelly to check out her brother-in-law who was also trying to enter the music industry.

See full video below:

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