Update: Blac Chyna Says ‘It’s All Very Sad’ As She Reacts To Tyga Filing For Primary Custody Of Their 11-year-old Son 

Blac Chyna, Tyga

Update: Blac Chyna Says ‘It’s All Very Sad’ As She Reacts To Tyga Filing For Primary Custody Of Their 11-year-old Son

Update: (Oct. 17, 2023): The legal dispute between Blac Chyna and Tyga is heating up.

Last month Angela White, commonly known as Blac Chyna, sued Tyga for joint custody rights of their son, King. Reportedly, Tyga has the 11-year-old most days out of the week, but Chyna is now doing what she can to change that. In addition to asking for a joint custody agreement Tyga must follow, The reality TV star wants the court to make the “Hookah” artist cover her legal fees as well.

Tyga has fired back, officially requesting legal and physical custody of their child, with Chyna getting “reasonable visitation” — every Friday after school until Sunday at 5 p.m., according to reports.

It’s also been reported that he wants Chyna’s motion for him to pay her legal fees thrown out.

Chyna spoke on his response with a publication and said,

“I have always respected him as King’s father and know that we both love him very much and want nothing but the best for him. I never imagined that Michael would want to alienate me or distance me from King and strategically push me out of his life.”

Her statement continued in part,

“I do not know where all of this is coming from. It’s all very sad and definitely not what is best for King. In a perfect world Michael and I would be supportive, loving co-parents equally involved in King’s life.”

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Original Story: (Oct. 3, 2023): Social media star Blac Chyna’s fight for legal rights of her son is getting costly.

According to reports, the model has had to sell her personal items just to keep the suit going.

Blac Chyna

As we covered last month, Blac Chyna, who now goes by her birth name Angela White, is suing her ex Tyga over custody rights of their 10-year-old son King. The 35-year-old previously surrendered joint custody of the child, but is now hoping a judge will reverse their original custody agreement. It seems the legal implications involved in this case were not considered by the socialite, however, as she has reportedly motioned the court recently to force Tyga, real name Micheal Stevenson, 33, to cover the hefty expenses.

Reportedly, Chyna claimed in the legal documents that she’s been selling her clothes, shoes, and purses online and to friends and family to pay off her legal bills. She noted that she’s been able to secure around $178,000 in doing so, but added that bringing in income this way will be short-lived.

The entertainer noted she only has so many personal items to sell and reportedly claimed she’s suffering financially from “plummeting business sales” and no longer posting on her Only Fans account. She reportedly wrote in the legal papers:

“It is only a temporary solution as I will eventually run out of items that I can sell.”

Additionally, Chyna alleged in the motion that Tyga has been interfering in the short amount of time she gets to spend with their son. Allegedly, the Young Money rap star doesn’t communicate with her and keeps important information from her such as the location where King lives with his dad and his contact information. Tyga is also accused of withholding the boy’s school and medical information from his mother. However, sources close to the musician reportedly said that’s not true.

Authored by: Kay Johnson