[WATCH] Taraji P. Henson Tells Wendy Williams The Real Reason She Refuses To Sleep With Her Sexy Co-Stars

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This week,actress Taraji P. Henson stopped past The Wendy Williams Show. 

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The 42-year-old DC native updated viewers on the latest on the  ‘Think Like A Man’ sequel and CBS’ ‘Person of Interest,’ and even opened up about her sex-life, sorta  kinda. Check a few excerpts:

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On her son going to college:

I had my son sit out, a semester. I just felt like he wasn’t ready. He was supposed to start last year. I want to set him up for success; not failure. He’s not gonna waste my money. I feel like we invest in our children’s future. I’m so proud. He’s such a good boy. He just wasn’t ready.

On if she and her son party together: 

I asked him if he wanted to go (to Coachella). [He’s] Not interested in partying with his mom. It’s weird–and I wouldn’t want to party with him because I’m a grown woman. I’m not interested in his friends hitting on me.

On if they’ve already begun filming the ‘Think Like A Man’ sequel: 

Yes, we start May 13th, in Vegas.

On maintaining her privacy: 

A lot of celebs call the paparazzi to meet them…..And I am choosing to live a private life.

On if she’s ever been romantic with any of her male co-stars including Idris Elba:

No, not at all. I just do not mix business with pleasure. I just don’t. I think those love scenes would be different if we crossed that line. And if you have sex with them, why would they want to work with you again?

On if she has sex toys: 

Well, a girl has to have her toys. Let’s just say I have the most important one. I have one in New York, one in LA.

On who she would sleep with out of Tyrese, Michael Ealy or Brad Pitt:

All three. A girl’s gotta have a dream.

Peep the video below.


Gotta love her.

[Wendy Williams]