Ari Fletcher Responds After Rah Ali Called Her A “Low Life” & A “Demon” While Joking About Her Strained Relationship w/Her Father: ‘Find Somebody Else To Play With’

Ari Fletcher, Rah Ali

Ari Fletcher Responds After Rah Ali Seemingly Called Her A “Low Life” & A “Demon” While Joking About Her Strained Relationship w/ Her Father: ‘Find Somebody Else To Play With’

Looks like the feud between Ari Fletcher and Rah Ali continues to press forward.

The two exchanged some heated words towards one another following a vulnerable clip from the reality star’s BET series “Impact ATL”.

In the aforementioned trailer, social media star Ari Fletcher shared a tearful moment with her father, seemingly pleading for them to have a closer relationship. While many social media users applauded the intimate moment, Rah Ali seemingly took a shot. Possibly reacting to the clip, she wrote to her X (formerly Twitter) account:

“When you’re such a low life even your Daddy don’t wanna deal with you. He knew you were a demon from birth.”

Rah Ali

The remark prompted a quick response from Fletcher who proceeded to hurl off a series of dark messages and subtle threats. In one post, she wrote:

“I been pressing old soggy b***hes all my life without even applying no pressure.”

Ari Fletcher


“Keep eating crumbs from off the floor b***h”

In a follow up message, the BET star inserted an actual name to her target, writing:

“Rah I got your address and your social find you somebody to play with. Cause I’m feeling real like a real “demon” right now.”

To which the TV personality responded:

“Come and get me baby”

While it appears that was the last thing Rah Ali had to say about the matter, Fletcher persisted with a few more posts.

It’s unclear what prompted Rah Ali to instigate the situation in the first place, though their ongoing issue can seemingly be dated back to 2020. Around the time, the entrepreneur accused Fletcher of cheating on her then new boyfriend, Money Bagg Yo. According to Rah Ali, the model was having sexual relations with her ex the same time she was seeing the rapper, claiming the affair had been going on for months.

A few months later, Fletcher sent Rah Ali a cease and desist letter in attempt to keep her from speaking about her any further. It seems the two have not been on good terms with each other since.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson