Rah Ali Claims Ari Fletcher Is Cheating On Moneybagg Yo: She’s Been Sleeping W/ My Ex For 9 Months

Rah Ali Claims Ari Fletcher Is Cheating On Moneybagg Yo: She’s Been Sleeping W/ My Ex For 9 Months

Things between celebrity couple Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg Yo might not be going so well, at least that’s what Rah Ali is claiming. Rah Ali recently shared via her radio show that Ari Fletcher is allegedly cheating on her rapper boyfriend Moneybagg Yo. According to Rah Ali, Ari Fletcher’s rumored sideman is someone that she used to date herself. She said,

“For about 9 to 10 months, Ari has been f*cking my ex”

She continued:

“Ari may get on social media and portray the image that she is so happy and in love [with Moneybagg Yo], but it’s all an act. She’s crying, she’s laughing, she’s doing everything in between with this n*gga. Any second that she has free, that she’s not in Bagg’s face begging for attention from him, she’s getting it from this n*gga. And that is where the passion and the hate came [from].”


The drama between Ari Fletcher and Rah Ali seemed to have kicked off earlier this month over a tweet. Ari Fletcher tweeted about being misunderstood and Rah Ali shared that tweet to her gossip site with the caption ‘Ari is tired of being misunderstood’.

Ari Fletcher responded in the comment section to Rah Ali’s interpretation of her tweet and said,

“No I’m not. Wtf you talking about?”

Rah Ali then answered back to Ari in the comment section and said,

“No Ari Fletcher the real question is WTF are YOU Talking About Sis? We over here at Onsite ain’t the One or The TWO Mama”

Ari Fletcher then responded back to Rah Ali, who is currently pregnant, and said,

“Rah, I will Beat the baby out Yo a** b*tch. find you somebody 40 and up to play with h*e.”

Following Ari’s comment, Rah Ali shared with her fans that she would be handling the situation accordingly.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel