Yandy Smith Opens Up About Anxiety Of Being A Black Mother ‘In The Fight’ Against Racial Injustice

Yandy Smith Opens Up About Anxiety Of Being A Black Mother ‘In The Fight’ Against Racial Injustice

Activist and reality star, Yandy Smith opened up about her struggles as a black mom, detailing a nightmare she woke up from in a video posted to her Instagram page Thursday (July 29th).

In her video, Yandy Smith said she had a nightmare where federal agents bust into her house and shot her along with her children who were still asleep at the time of the video.


Yandy Smith


Continuing on in her video she states,

“This is what life is like being a Black mom that’s in the fight.  And there has been no accountability and arrest for people like the murderers of Breonna Taylor.”

The biological mother of two, and mother figure of five children in total, including foster daughter, Infinity, continued to express,

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m kind of in the fight, I don’t know if other mothers go through this, but I’m constantly having, like, anxiety attacks about my children and I can’t sleep.”

Smith captioned her video,

“Some will never know what affects this repeated trauma has on everyday

Black Mothers. Fear to create the gift of our womb, fear to let them play in city parks, fear to see them sleep peaceful knowing their will be many rude awakenings. BREONNA TAYLOR’S MURDER, is an epic fail of our AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM that has cause PTSD in so many BLACK WOMEN. The no ACCOUNTABILITY has enraged so many but particularly it has aided in the diminishment on the value of a BLACK WOMEN’S Life.”

She continued

“It’s not fair! It’s time for us to heal, it’s time for us to believe in the JUSTICE SYSTEM. I am personally committing to taking more action in this fight. @danieljaycameron YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF THE PASSION AND DEDICATION A MOTHER SCORNED HAS. Arrest the office or we mothers can not attest to where our actions may lead!”

The nightmare that Yandy Smith had is similar to the tragedy of Breonna Taylor, who unfortunately experienced a similar death in real life when Louisville, KY police officers came into her home and shot and killed her during a raid.  The officers involved have not been arrested.

Yandy Smith’s husband Mendeecees previously spoke out about fearing for his wife’s life when she’s out on the frontline protesting as an activist.

She was recently arrested alongside reality star, Porsha Williams, while peacefully protesting outside of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s home.

Porsha Williams, Yandy Smith mugshots

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Authored by: Robin Ayers