Pharrell Williams Opens Hotel In Miami With Nightlife Pioneer David Grutman

Pharrell Williams, David Grutman

Pharrell Williams Opens Hotel In Miami With Nightlife Pioneer David Grutman

Pharrell Williams is taking his talents to the hospitality industry.

The producer and singer is opening a hotel in South Beach with nightlife pro David Grutman, known as the hospitality king in Miami. The project, which has been in the works for three years, suffered a major slow down due to COVID-19. Now The Goodtime Hotel is complete and ready to start hosting guests next month. Room rates start at $260 a night.

Pharrell Williams said of the venue, which sits on Washington Ave., during an interview with Ocean Drive, 

“The Goodtime will light up this community. People are going to be inspired by what we’re doing here. It will be good energy, good vibrations, good space and, of course, a good time.”

David Grutman explained how Pharrell Williams came up with the name.

“Pharrell said to me, ‘I think we should name it The Goodtime as one word—and really change the narrative.’ That’s been our whole vision for everything we’re doing. [In recent years], Washington Avenue has not been thought of as the star. We want to change that—this won’t be a place to just lay your head.”

Williams also told Vogue; 

“It’s good vibes, good energy, good karma, good food, good music, good environment, good vibration.”

David Grutman told the publication,

“One thing I’ve noticed in my life is that places that were amazing at one time always have a great chance of being amazing again, because there’s something about the energy of that latitude and longitude where The Goodtime is located that just works. To me, it was the best block, and to be able to be part of it coming back, is just so special to me.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson