Dameion Pickett, Co-Captain Attacked During Viral Riverfront Brawl In Montgomery, Charged w/ Third Degree Assault

Dameion Pickett, Co-Captain Attacked During Viral Riverfront Brawl In Montgomery, Charged w/ Third Degree Assault

More charges were filed surrounding the infamous Montgomery Riverfront incident.

According to reports, police hit Harriott II’s co-captain Dameion Pickett with assault charges following a complaint from one of the alleged assailants.

Reportedly, legal documents show that official third-degree assault charges were drawn against Dameion Pickett on October 26th. If you recall, the dock worker was the center of a wide-scale fight that escalated after a few pontoon boat occupants refused to move their vessel so the Harriott II could dock. What initially started as the pontoon occupants jumping Pickett, spurred into a full-on brawl as other dock workers and Black passengers jumped in the fight to defend the victim.

Several of the aggressors were arrested at the scene and eventually hit with assault charges, and Pickett was listed as a victim. However, one of the pontoon members reportedly filed a subsequent complaint, leading to Pickett’s charges. The report states that Zachery “Chase” Shipman, who is also charged with third-degree assault, submitted the complaint, arguing that he was not looking to fight and was only defending himself against Pickett. He additionally claims to have suffered a bruised cheekbone injury after being punched in the face.

Zachary “Chase” Shipman

It’s reported that Pickett has yet to submit a plea regarding the charges at this time. A few other assailants from the incident, however, have entered pleas and have already appeared in court for their charges. The initial aggressor, Richard Roberts, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges and offered his apologies to Pickett during court. He reportedly added:

“I think under different circumstances we could be friends. You might not think so….I know you were doing your job.”

Richard Roberts

Roberts was ultimately given a four-month suspended sentence and will spend 32 days in jail, which will be served on the weekends. He was also given 100 hours of community service and is required to pay court fees. A woman on the pontoon, Mary Todd, pled guilty to harassment and was given a 15-day suspended sentence, was ordered to complete an anger management program, and is required to pay court costs. Reggie Ray, who famously armored himself with a folding chair during the incident, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Reggie Ray


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Authored by: Kay Johnson