(EXCLUSIVE) LHHH’s Miles Brock On Why He’s Not ‘Down-Low’ + Being Gay & Religious: I know God does not make mistakes.

Miles Brock

Miles Brock

Prior to things getting uber ugly between reality TV personalities Miles Brock and his now ex-boyfriend, Milan Christopher, theJasmineBRAND.com chatted with the new reality star (Miles), about all the drama behind-the-scenes and in front of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cameras.

Miles, Milan

Miles, Milan

During our conversation, Miles discusses his relationship with his now ex-boyfriend Milan Christopher, ex-girlfriend and cast mate Amber and divulges why he decided to share his story on reality TV. Miles also reveals why he doesn’t consider himself on the ‘down low’.  Check out a few experts from the interview below:

Why Miles decided to do reality TV:

Because my story line was pretty unique and I knew that I would help people with my story. I definitely had my reservations in regards to it. But hey, I am here sitting with you now right!

How his experience on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been thus far:

It has been rocky; it is been scary; it is stressful but you know at the end of the day I thank Mona [Scott-Young] for allowing me to tell my story. You know what I mean, you know and her having us on there, and giving the LBGT community a voice finally to show our struggles and what we go through too.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Miles, Milan

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Miles, Milan

How difficult it was for Miles to share his personal life:

It was very difficult. I am not going to sugar coat it and say, ‘Ohh it was just honkey dory’ you know. I am not even talking to half of my family right now, but the feed back that I get from the fans thanking me and the e-mails and the tweets, and all the lives that have been affected by my story, that is the real reason why I did it. It makes the stress and everything that I went through worth it.

Miles, Amber

Miles, Amber

If Amber (Miles’ ex-girlfriend) ever asked if he was gay or bi, prior to the show:

She did, because people had said it to her before and I just kind of shunned off and brushed it off. You know people had said it since back in the day you know, like he got a little something, what ever. [They] had there remarks, but yeah.


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