Young Dolph’s Longtime Partner Mia Jaye Says She Believes The Rapper Was Murdered Over “Rap Sh*t” & “Ego”

Young Dolph, Mia Jaye

Young Dolph’s Longtime Partner Mia Jaye Says She Believes The Rapper Was Murdered Over “Rap Sh*t” & “Ego”

The girlfriend of late rapper Young Dolph recently vented about the nature of his death.

Mia Jaye expressed her frustrations during a recent live video where she discussed her suspicions that the musician was murdered over a rap beef.

Mia Jaye stated in the video:

“Dolph not here cause of some rap sh*t…I don’t know the facts, because the facts are not just plainly clear. But if I were to guess, based on the history of things, rap sh*t bro – a song or two,”

She continued:

“Some ego sh*t…he not here because of ego.”

Mia Jaye, Young Dolph

The mom of two went on to defend critics who would offer the rebuttal that Young Dolph, real name Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., possessed the same spirit of ego that she claims got him killed. She added:

“At the end of the f*cking day, we killing people because of bruised – a scarred ego?”

If you recall, Young Dolph was gunned down while visiting a restaurant in Memphis back in November of 2021. While a motive for the killing has yet to be released, several individuals have been charged with the musician’s murder. Currently, the suspects in prison accused of taking part in the assassination include the alleged triggermen, as well as the man who is believed to have orchestrated the crime.

Jaye never specifically shared which of Dolph’s rap beefs was the one she thinks ultimately cost him his life. However, it was well known that he and his fellow rap star Yo Gotti were regularly at odds. Both being Memphis based artists, Yo Gotti, real name Mario Mims, 42, and Dolph had been exchanging heated words and threats toward one another in their music every since the latter called the former a hater back in 2016.

A year later, Dolph was shot at on two separate occasions, once while in Hollywood and another time in Charlotte. The incident in North Carolina reportedly inspired the rapper’s song “100 Shots” which is said to have been a diss track towards Yo Gotti, and the “Rake It Up” rapper was named as a person of interest in the Hollywood shooting, though he was never charged.

At this time, Yo Gotti’s name has not come up in reports regarding Dolph’s death. However, the trial and investigation is reportedly still ongoing.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson