Actor Rockmond Dunbar Says He Never Sold His ‘Soul Or A**hole’ While Working In The Entertainment Industry For 30 Years

Rockmond Dunbar

Actor Rockmond Dunbar Says He Never Sold His ‘Soul Or A**hole’ While Working In The Entertainment Industry For 30 Years

Actor Rockmond Dunbar has a message for his fans!

On Wednesday (Jan. 11) the former ‘9-1-1’ actor took to Instagram with a special birthday message to himself. Rockmond Dunbar gave himself credit for not selling his soul during his 30-year career in Hollywood. He wrote,

“50 yrs old today. 30+ yrs. in this business. Never sold my SOUL or a**hole. Real Godbody Original Black Man energy.”

He continued,

“Shout out to the few out there still in tact in Mind, Temple & Spirit. This path ain’t for the weak. It’s for the Chosen. Praise to the Most High.”

Rockmond Dunbar

While it’s unclear what or whom Rockmond Dunbar is referring to, some may say the actor could be addressing being let go from the series ‘9-1-1’ due to his refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. 

As previously reported, in November 2021, news broke that ‘9-1-1’ star Rockmond Dunbar was indefinitely leaving the popular medical drama series over COVID vaccine regulations. Rockmond Dunbar, who portrayed Michael Grant on ‘9-1-1’ was a part of the show since it premiered in 2018. However, reports claim he was ultimately written off of the series for refusing to get the COVID vaccine.

He later filed a lawsuit against Disney and 20th Century Fox– the studios responsible for producing the show– and accused them of racial and religious discrimination. Dunbar’s lawsuit claimed that he was the only Black male lead actor on ‘9-1-1’ and his dismissal greatly harmed his career.

The lawsuit also claimed that after Dunbar submitted his religious and medical COVID-19 vaccine exemption documents, producers told him that they wanted to keep him on the show and an adjusted schedule would be made to accommodate for his being unvaccinated.

However, according to the suit, that never happened and Dunbar was then told that his character would temporarily be written off of the show. The lawsuit also claimed that Dunbar was ultimately fired in retaliation by Disney and 20th Century Fox and the studios have yet to pay him the hundreds of thousands of dollars they allegedly still owe him.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole