Jamie Foxx’s Sexual Assault Accuser Begs Court Judge To Keep Identity Sealed For Fear Of Her Safety & Mental Health

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx’s Sexual Assault Accuser Begs Court Judge To Keep Identity Sealed For Fear Of Her Safety & Mental Health

Media coverage of the recent sexual assault lawsuit filed against actor Jamie Foxx is at the center of a new court motion.

Reportedly, the unnamed plaintiff recently submitted a court request to keep her identity hidden from the public, as she’s afraid she’ll be targeted due to the celebrity’s social status.

As we recently covered Jamie Foxx, real name Eric Marlon Bishop, 55, was one of many celebrity men recently accused of a previous sexual crime. A New York law dubbed the Adult Survivor’s Act allowed victims of alleged sexual abuse, who were past their statute of limitation, to file complaints against their alleged assailants for a limited amount of time. High profile celebs such as Diddy, Bill Cosby, and Foxx were caught in the crossfire of the legislation, with the latter being accused of groping and inappropriately touching a woman’s breasts and genitalia back in 2015.

Since story of the lawsuit broke, Jane Doe says she’s become increasingly “fearful” for her safety, and is pleading with a judge to keep her name out of the public’s eye. She reportedly wrote in a recent court motion:

“I was sexually assaulted as indicated in the Complaint and as a result, I suffered psychological and emotional injuries…I do not desire to publicly disclose my identity as a victim of sexual assault because this matter is highly sensitive,” 

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She added:

“I have already experienced significant shock, shame, and embarrassment for my disclosure due to the prominence and celebrity status of the Defendants.”

Jane Doe reportedly continued, specifically noting that she feels her safety is compromised “given the fame of Defendant”, and due to the fact that the story has been reported on by “every major news outlet”, adding in the court motion:

“It is very difficult for me to come forward and talk about the events that occurred…The sexual assault I suffered has caused my depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, distress, and I am fearful that a public disclose will cause further emotional trauma.”

It does not seem a judge has ruled on the matter at this time. For Foxx’s part, it’s also reported that his reps have not yet responded to requests for a comment about Jane Doe’s latest filing. However, they previously denied the alleged incident ever happened. According to Foxx’s lawyers, the woman already sued the Oscar winner over the matter in a 2020 case that was ultimately dismissed. Sources reportedly familiar with the actor says he plans to countersue due to Jane Doe’s persistence.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson