Tina Knowles Reveals She Has A Book In The Works While Speaking On Her Legacy As A Black Fashion Designer

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Tina Knowles Reveals She Has A Book In The Works While Speaking On Her Legacy As A Black Fashion Designer

Looks like fans of Ms. Tina Knowles will get a rare glimpse into her personal life soon.

The celebrity mom recently shared that she’s currently in the process of writing a book, which will seemingly talk in depth about her late nephew – who inspired her career in fashion.

Tina Knowles

Reportedly, Tina Knowles spoke on the topic during a recent interview for World Aids Day where she honored her late family member John Edward Rittenhouse Jr. After the interviewer asked Knowles to further discuss a previous social media post – where she spoke about her nephew, famously known as Uncle Johnny, designing dresses for her famous children for a photoshoot in their hometown in Texas, the fashionista stated:

“You know, I’m writing a book so I don’t want to give too much of that story away. But we had a photoshoot and they were showing all ethnicities – we were “The Black Family”. Johnny made the dresses for the girls and that’s such a famous picture at home of the girls in these little plaid dresses.”

She continued:

“He also cooked the food and did everything, and I remember Beyoncé and Solange were talking to the reporters and bragging that “Uncle Johnny did this” and the media that was there thought that Johnny was their father. He was so involved in our lives.

Knowles didn’t elaborate any further on the details of the novel, but it seems safe to assume Johnny’s story will be well encompassed in the project. In case you’re unfamiliar, Johnny was one of Knowles earliest collaborators and “best friend”, who helped spark her interest in curating designs. As she had done before, Beyoncé dedicated her Grammy wins for “Renaissance” to her late relative, making clear her gratitude for his influence over her life. The 44-year-old, who re-introduced her late Uncle in the single “Heated” from her 7th studio album, thanked him for helping raise her, as well as introduce her to different kinds of music and helping steer her fashion choices early in her career.

Sadly, Johnny passed away from complications from AIDS before the super star launched to fame. With her latest tour, album, and film however, it seems both Beyoncé and her mother are doing their all to ensure Johnny’s memory carries on. Knowles also shared how she believes her late nephew would’ve reacted if he could’ve attended the “Renaissance” tour and be apart of the experience himself, stating:

“I could just hear him saying ‘Mary, I told you.’. I know he would probably have tears of joy and be so happy. That was Johnny’s world – that he had at the club, or at the drag shows, or while making clothes. I know that he would be so proud at the fact that people felt free and safe to be themselves in the RENAISSANCE space; that they don’t have to hide.”

Tina Knowles, Uncle Johnny

She added:

“I know that he is incredibly proud of Beyoncé and all of my girls, because he had so much to do with shaping who they are today. And to be honest, he would say “Girl, we arrived.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson