Keke Palmer & DomiNque Perry Celebrate Each Other Amid Their Ongoing Legal Battles Against Their Children’s Fathers, Darius & Sarunas Jackson

Keke Palmer, DomiNque Perry, Darius Jackson, Sarunas Jackson

Keke Palmer & DomiNque Perry Celebrate Each Other Amid Their Ongoing Legal Battles Against Their Children’s Fathers, Darius & Sarunas Jackson

We love to see women supporting women!

Actress Keke Palmer led an uplifting movement recently by sharing some heartfelt words with fellow actress DomiNque Perry, who happens to be family through her son with her ex Darius Jackson.

Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson, & son

In a recent Instagram post, Lauren ‘Keke’ Palmer encouraged people to celebrate the mothers around them by first highlighting the “Insecure” star’s stellar parenting. For the caption to a picture of DomiNque Perry with her young daughter Zen, Palmer wrote:

“Dominique appreciation day. I love you so much and I am so amazed at the beautiful loving person and mother you are. Anyone that sees the way Zenni lights up around you would know that to be true.”

She added:

“Zen is the greatest reflection of the kind of person you are. She is funny, kind, patient and smart! All the things I’ve come to know and love you to be. I just wanted to say I’m proud of you and welcome others to say the same. From mother to mother YOU ROCK! It’s not easy but you make it look that way and I appreciate you in my life!”

In the comments, Perry returned the love, hailing the “Nope” star as a “light” in her life, and also took a moment to acknowledge Palmer’s mother Sharon Palmer for being a “ride or die.” She wrote:

“Keke….. sis… I’m truly in tears… you are such a light that God has placed in my life to guide me. I love my other mama Sharon another ride or die and my confidant! I thank you for just being you. When we met I knew I wanted you around me forever. I love our babies being family. We are connected at the hip now lol. Such a beautiful soul and AMAZING MOTHER you are!!!!! A BEAUTIFUL HARD WORKING MOTHER!!!!!! I got you for life WHATEVER you need. You’re my angel n my sister.”

The entertainers’ sweet exchange comes just days after they both made headlines about the struggles they’re facing with their kids’ dads. Palmer, who shares her infant son Leo with her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson recently accused him of ongoing physical and verbal abuse. After the former fitness trainer allegedly fell into a fit of rage last month following their break-up, Palmer successfully filed a restraining order against Jackson and was granted temporary sole custody of their son.

The latest court documents from the case revealed that the ex-couple is attempting to settle their situation in mediation. Reportedly, Palmer and Jackson congruently asked a judge to postpone their coming trial to see if they could get on the same page before the court becomes more involved in their custody agreement. There have been no further updates about that matter at this time.

For Perry’s part, she shares her daughter with Darius‘ elder brother Sarunas Jackson, making her child a first cousin to Palmer’s. As we recently reported, Perry and Sarunas have been engaged in a custody battle over their child, which went public earlier this year when Sarunas filed legal documents to amend their current custody agreement. The latest documents from their case reportedly saw Perry describing in detail the physical and emotional abuse she’s suffered from being Sarunas co-parent. She accused her former co-star of choking her and regularly being physically violent towards women.

Perry is reportedly seeking sole physical custody, though it hasn’t been reported a judge has decided on the matter at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson