‘Insecure’ Actor Sarunas Jackson Says He ‘Fears Repercussions’ To His Career Following Claims From Series Co-Star DomiNque Perry That He’s ‘Emotionally Volatile’ In Custody Battle Documents + Actress Responds, Alleging He Choked Her & Is ‘Violent w/ Women’

DomiNque Perry, Sarunas Jackson

‘Insecure’ Actor Sarunas Jackson Says He ‘Fears Repercussions’ To His Career Following Claims From Series Co-Star DomiNque Perry That He’s ‘Emotionally Volatile’ In Custody Battle Documents + Actress Responds, Alleging He Choked Her & Is ‘Violent w/ Women’

The ongoing custody battle between Sarunas Jackson and DomiNque Perry continues to intensify.

In new court documents, Jackson reportedly denied all claims that he’s violent, while Perry further explained her abuse accusations.

DomiNque Perry

According to a recent report from RadarOnline, DomiNque Perry gave a recount of the alleged abuse she’s experienced from Sarunas Jackson throughout their 5 years as co-parents in a court filing. Though it doesn’t seem the two were ever an official couple, they do share a young daughter named Zen. As we previously covered, they have been in an ongoing custody battle over the child as Jackson submitted documents earlier this year to amend their original parental agreement. Reportedly he is now seeking joint legal and physical custody of Zen, which Perry is fighting.

Initially, Perry explained that Jackson’s “emotional volatility” is the reason she should be awarded full custody of their child. In response, Jackson reportedly vehemently denied her claims, writing in a motion:

“It is unclear where [DomiNque’s] allegations of emotional volatility and intimidation are coming from. My family and I have always welcomed [DomiNque] with open arms, inviting her to family events and showing her love and support in more ways than one.”

sarunas j. jackson


“[DomiNque] has defamed my character to others, making them believe I am an absent father. Her negative communications with others, including to peers in our industry, regarding her opinions of me have made me fear for repercussions in my career.”

However, the “Insecure” actress reportedly submitted follow-up documents recently, arguing that she’s already tried to foster a healthy co-parenting relationship with Jackson, despite his volatile nature, to no avail. Perry reportedly described in detail her “traumatizing” experience being involved with him, writing in the motion:

“I experienced emotional volatility, intimidation, bullying, undeserved stress, mental and physical abuse, controlling and narcissistic behavior, all over the past 5 plus years from Sarunas and his family,”

DomiNque Perry

Explaining the aftermath of a conversation turned argument the two had about someone in the industry, she continued:

“Sarunas got heated in the conversation and began to repeatedly call me stupid, I then said to him, “you talk to your mother like that not me” at that point he became more angry and grabbed me by the throat and started choking me…[I was] in such shock and disbelief.”

Reportedly, Perry claimed that Zen then entered the room crying, prompting Jackson to remove his hands from her neck. She added that he was so angry that his mouth began to bleed from him biting his tongue. Days later, the actress reportedly wrote that he returned to her home with scratches on his face and neck. When she inquired about them, Perry said Jackson claimed they came from his mother who he “corned” after they got into an argument. She reportedly added in the court motion:

“The choking on his behalf is the norm. He is violent with women. Afterwards there were several other times that he came to my apartment and would get angered for no serious reason and would start yelling at me…On one occasion I told him that if he didn’t stop raising his voice in my apartment he would need to [leave] or I would call the police, he responded by saying ‘and then what?’ Since this incident I’ve always tried to just get alone and keep the peace. I’ve been traumatized by these experiences and so much more.” 

Sarunas Jackson

It doesn’t appear a judge has yet ruled on the custody battle. Additionally, it doesn’t seem Perry has reacted or made any public comments about the situation. Jackson, however, did upload a recent post that seems to reflect his feelings about all the drama surrounding him and his family. As you may know, his younger brother Darius Jackson is also enthralled in his own domestic violence accusations and custody battle involving his famous ex, Keke Palmer.

Seemingly reacting to the ongoing situation with Perry, Jackson posted an image to his Instagram story that stated:


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Authored by: Kay Johnson