Keke Palmer’s Mother Calls Her Ex Darius Jackson A ‘Stupid Motherf*cker’ & Says His Mother Should Be Ashamed Of Herself For Raising An Abuser 

Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson, Sharon Palmer

Keke Palmer’s Mother Calls Her Ex Darius Jackson A ‘Stupid Motherf*cker’ & Says His Mother Should Be Ashamed Of Herself For Raising An Abuser

An audio file of actress Keke Palmer’s mother going off on Darius Jackson recently leaked, and it’s a brutal blowup.

During the nearly 8-minute conversation, Sharon Palmer cursed out her grandchild’s father for continuously harassing her daughter and had some harsh words for his family members as well.

Sharon Palmer, Keke Palmer

Just a couple of days ago, Sharon Palmer reportedly claimed she was “illegally” recorded while addressing accusations from her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson. The entertainment professional alleged that he was threatened with a bullet to the head, which he said he had proof of, prompting Sharon to rebut that she only said what she said out of fear for her daughter’s life. As you may know, Keke Palmer has been going through a very public legal dispute with Darius after alleging he’s been abusive throughout their two years of dating. Now, audio footage of the conversation has been made public.

In the clip, Sharon criticized Darius about everything from his acting career to his manhood. The beginning of the leaked file, shared by blogger Armon Wiggins, seemingly portrayed Darius attempting to shame Sharon for “sacrificing” Keke’s childhood for a career, to which she replied:

“[And] what did your mom do to you? She f*cked you up…she turned you into a punk a** mamma’s boy who harasses a woman. What kind of bullsh*t is that? Yo mamma should be ashamed of herself.”

After Jackson claimed that he attempted to leave the “Hustlers” star, who he said “kept wanting to come back around” though he “never wanted this,” Keke can be heard stating:

“that makes no sense as to why you harass…there’s no need to say horrible things…you do that because you’re nuts…(calling me) Jezebel, calling me Hades, you do that unnecessarily because there is something wrong with your mind,” 

Keke Palmer

Keke continued, telling Darius to seek help because he’s “chemically unbalanced” and that his brain doesn’t work right before Sharon came back with full force hurling more insults. In her rant, she blasted Darius for being “stupid” over his anger toward the whole Keke/Usher situation. If you recall, Darius was first criticized earlier this year after he shamed his then-girlfriend online for the outfit she wore to Usher’s Vegas Residency concert.

Sharon stated in her rant:

“Usher’s bisexual, he sleeps with men you stupid motherf*cker. You the stupidest motherf*cker on earth,”

She then addressed Darius‘ brother Sarunas Jackson, who has also been getting negative press of his own lately. As previously reported, the “Insure” star is reportedly in a custody battle with his ex Dominique Perry, who is said to have accused him of “emotional volatility” and “intimidation.” Previous reports about the co-workers’ relationship suggested that Dominque may have suffered from abuse during her time with Sarunas, though nothing has been confirmed.

Speaking on Sarunas, Sharon continued in the audio clip:

“Your brother’s a p*ssy too. His reputation in Hollywood is he’s a f*ck boy and he’s an a**hole and nobody really likes him. Lauren London don’t like his a**. At the end of the day, you, the Jacksons, are a f*cking joke…Don’t blame Keke for being a joke, you was a joke before you met her,”

Darius & Sarunas Jackson

She added:

“What man thinks they gone call the mother of their child c*nt, b*tches, wh*res, ‘you been run through’ but ‘Im gonna come and get the baby.’ What kind of mental motherf*cker are you?…If my daughter ever, ever give you the baby after you call her a c*nt Imma beat her a**”

Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson & Their Son

Darius and Keke share an infant son named Leo whom she was awarded full custody of amid her bombshell accusations. The entertainer was also granted a temporary restraining order, barring Jackson from seeing their child for the time being. Sharon also went on to make further claims against Darius‘ mother and family in the audio. The clip ends with one last eerie threat from the mama bear:

“You keep f*cking with me, you might get a d*ck in your a**…you motherf*ckers don’t know who you dealing with.” 

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Authored by: Kay Johnson