Cassie’s Former Music Producer/Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Leslie Claims Singer Is ‘Planning For A Tour’

Cassie’s Former Music Producer/Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Leslie Claims Singer Is ‘Planning For A Tour’

Cassie might be using her setback as a setup for her musical comeback.

During a recent street interview with paparazzi, music producer Ryan Leslie let it slip that his ex-girlfriend and former collaborator R&B singer Cassie is gearing up to make a comeback. For those unaware, Ryan Leslie and Cassie reportedly dated and worked together musically around the mid-2000s. Their romantic relationship occurred before the “Long Way 2 Go” singer started dating Diddy

When asked if he knew Cassie was (allegedly) being abused by Diddy, Ryan Leslie replied,

“I think that was much further after our working relationship.”

Reportedly, Cassie and Leslie were first introduced by Diddy’s makeup artist in early 2004 and it wasn’t long until they began collaborating musically. Leslie signed Cassie to his NextSelection label imprint in a joint venture with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. He also wrote and produced Cassie’s 2006 debut hit single, “Me & U.” The model-turned-superstar’s first record spent twenty weeks on the Top 40 before reaching number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and selling over a million digital units. “Me & U” also became one of the biggest songs in Atlantic Records history. 

Somehow over the years, Leslie and Cassie lost touch, however, while chatting with paparazzi, he revealed that after the death of one of their mutuals, they rekindled their friendship. He continued, sharing information about their recent conversation,

“Well, the last conversation we had [she said] she’s planning for a tour. We had talked about that.”


In 2018 when Cassie and Diddy called it quits, X (formally Twitter) erupted with commentary about the possibility of a reunion between the super producer and his ex.

One user stated,

“Cassie should go back to Ryan Leslie so we can get good music again. She was his muse.”

Another responded,

“With the Cassie Diddy split the clear winner is Ryan Leslie”

Someone else chimed in,

“Originally I thought Ryan Leslie would have been great for her. Kinda like Alicia Keys + Swizz Beats relationship”

As previously reported, Cassie alleged that during her decade-long relationship with Diddy, she was severely abused. She sued the billionaire in mid-November and reached a settlement agreement within twenty-four hours.

Cassie, Diddy (circa 2017)

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