Takeoff’s Sexual Assault Accuser Asks Judge To Continue Her Lawsuit w/ His Mother As The Defendant 


Takeoff’s Sexual Assault Accuser Asks Judge To Continue Her Lawsuit w/His Mother As The Defendant

A woman who previously accused late rap star Takeoff of sexual assault isn’t backing down from her case, even in light of his death.

Reportedly, the unidentified individual recently motioned a court judge to allow her case to move forward, requesting that his mother be replaced as the defendant.

If you recall, Jane Doe claimed she was raped by the Migos rapper at a party back in June of 2020. At the time Takeoff, real name Kirshnik Khari Ball, denied the allegations and charges were reportedly never filed against him due to insufficient evidence. However, it seems the plaintiff is not done pursing the matter in civil court, and is seemingly attempting to be compensated for alleged pain and suffering.


The report states that Jane Doe recently motioned the court judge to have Takeoff’s mother, Titiana Davenport, named as the new defendant in the suit. She reportedly reasoned that if a judge had ruled in her favor regarding the case, in the event that the musician was still living, she would be awarded a settlement. As Davenport is now the operator of rapper’s estate, Jane Doe argues that her suit should be allowed to continue with his mother as the defendant so she may have her chance at justice.

It’s also notable that Davenport is still enthralled in a legal battle of her own. Following Takeoff’s death back in November of last year, his estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston where he was was fatally struck by a bullet. In the suit, Davenport accused the venue negligence, arguing that they failed to provide a safe and secure environment, ultimately resulting in the musician’s death. She is reportedly seeking $1 million in damages.

At this time, Davenport’s suit against 810 Billiards is still ongoing and a judge has not ruled in the sexual assault case.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson