Akbar V Critics Claim She’s Getting Her “Karma” For Recently Laughing About Cardi B’s Break-Up & Commenting On Alexis Skyy’s Special Needs Daughter Amidst Her Crying Online About Her Hospitalized Child

Akkbar V, Cardi B, Alexis Skyy

Akbar V Critics Slam Her For Shedding Tears About Her Child Who She Says Is Currently “Fighting For Her Life”, Claim She’s Getting Her “Karma” For Previously Laughing About Cardi B’s Break-Up & Speaking On Alexis Skyy’s Special Needs Daughter

Internet users are showing little to no sympathy for rapper Akbar V in her time of need.

After the entertainer asked for people to pray for her daughter, who is currently in the hospital, many took the opportunity to jab her and claim her own karma is likely to blame for her daughter’s health problem.

Social media users did not hold back while reacting to the video of Akbar V, real name Valerie Raven, 34,tearfully making a plea on her child’s behalf. The “Love & Hip Hop” alum went live to give a few details about her daughter Dora, sharing that she’s been hospitalized and claims she is “fighting for her life”. Some commenters appear to have joined the session and took to the musician’s comments section to suggest that she’s the reason her child is struggling. Reacting to her critics, Akbar stated during the video:

“For people that’s saying karma – it ain’t my karma, it ain’t her karma. My kid, she’s a good kid. She’s smart, she’s funny. What I spoke on it was about a relationship, man and woman, it wasn’t about what this is about. My baby fighting for her life.”


She continued:

“She’s not like me she’s a good kid she’s humble, she’s genuine…I was making fun and joking and talking smack. So if a man would’ve left me then y’all could say that’s my karma cause of what I said but not with my daughter don’t say that…cause my baby innocent.”

Many who expressed that they have no room to feel sorry for Akbar’s situation brought up one of her old and more recent beefs. If you recall, the “Owe Me Something” artist recently joked about Cardi B after she uploaded an emotional live video discussing her break-up with Offset. In the video, Akbar claimed the “Clout” artist has been cheating on his wife in their own home for the duration of their marriage and suggested he was only using her notoriety.

Some users also brought up Akbar’s past beef with her former TV cast mate Alexis Skyy. If you recall back in 2021, the reality star’s got into a physical confrontation while out at the same venue which carried over to the internet. Akbar made some disturbing remarks about Alexis Skyy’s young daughter with special needs being “brain dead”, which she eventually issued an apology over.

It seems the internet was unforgiving, however, as Akbar now claims she’s been humbled due to the experience with her own daughter. Many shared their unfiltered responses, stating that they believe it’s the rapper’s own fault for how she’s acted previously. Though a few did come to Akbar’s defense, arguing that now is not the time to reference her past actions as it could bring karma back on negative commenters as well.

Amid all of the backlash Akbar has since deactivated all of her social media accounts. It does not appear that Cardi B nor Alexis Skyy have made any remarks about the situation at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson