Takeoff’s Father Seeks An Additional $1 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Bowling Alley Where Rapper Was Fatally Shot


Takeoff’s Father Seeks An Additional $1 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Bowling Alley Where Rapper Was Fatally Shot

The venue being accused of negligence relating to the death of rapper Takeoff may be responsible for an even higher payoff.

According to reports, the Migos member’s father recently added his name to a $1 million lawsuit against the establishment, citing the suffering he’s endured following his son’s murder.

Reports state that Kenneth Ball, father to Takeoff – real name Kirsnick Khari Ball – is now an “intervenor” on the lawsuit originally filed by his mother Titania Davenport. An “intervenor” is reportedly a person who is added to an already existing suit. As we’ve previously covered, Davenport sued 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, TX, claiming that despite knowing the celebrity would be present at the location, they failed to provide adequate security measures that could’ve prevented any harm.

Due to this fact, Davenport launched a wrongful death lawsuit against them, which Ball is now included in. Reportedly, the legal document he submitted read:

“[Kenneth Ball], the natural parent of [Takeoff], has suffered substantial pecuniary loss both in the past and in the future.”



“Indeed, [Ball] has suffered past and future pecuniary loss, including funeral and burial expenses, psychological and psychiatric expenses, loss of advice, loss of counsel, loss of services, loss of care, loss of maintenance and loss of support,”

According to reports, Ball is also seeking $1 million in damages as a result of Takeoff’s murder. Aside from the rap star’s parents seemingly working together on the matter, they are allegedly waging a separate war against one another. It’s reported that the “Too Blessed” artist did not have a will in place at his time of death, leaving behind his $26 million estate. Davenport and Ball have reportedly been going back and forth about how the estate should be divided.


Regarding the suit against 810, reports state the venue has maintained the stance that they are innocent of any wrongdoing. Lawyers representing the owners of the establishment have reportedly argued that the responsibility falls on the arrested suspected shooter Patrick Xavier Clark and his alleged accomplice Cameron Joshua, citing that they acted independently and were not the responsibility of the venue. The wrongful death suit is still ongoing at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson