50 Cent Will Go To Trial Over An Ex Drug Lord Accusing Him of Threatening Him & Hiring A Hitman

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

50 Cent Will Go To Trial Over An Ex Drug Lord Accusing Him of Threatening Him & Hiring A Hitman

Entertainment mogul 50 Cent recently suffered a courtroom loss.

Despite his best efforts, legal documents reportedly show that the rapper will go to trial to face a complaint filed against him, accusing him of threatening, intimidation, and hiring a hitman.

50 Cent

Reportedly, New York Judge Analisa Torres ruled on December 19th that 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, did not provide sufficient evidence to prove his innocence in the case, thus it will be moving forward. The lawsuit in question was reportedly filed earlier this year by ex-drug dealer Cory “Ghost” Holland, who is already in a legal battle with the G-Unit founder over the rights to his life. As we’ve preciously covered, Holland sued 50 for $1 billion back in 2021, claiming he mirrored the hit crime drama series “Power”  after his real life without his permission.

After filing his suit, Holland says the TV producer has since been using intimidation tactics to scare him into dropping the complaint and claims a hitman was even hired for him. Claiming that he now lives in fear for his life and family’s lives, Holland reportedly stated about the matter:

“It’s 50 Cent’s abilities to HIRE a HITMAN, due to a 150 Million Dollar Contract he secured through STARZ/LIONSGATE, that have created the FEAR and constant anxiety,”


“The hitmen 50 Cent hired, can KILL [me] and [my] family at any time and anywhere, once they are paid. So rather 50 Cent is in New York or Michigan or anywhere in America or Overseas, ‘ONCE HE PAYS THE HOMIES TO DO WHAT THEY DO BEST,’ quoting the defendant from the radio interview, the job can get done at any point after that.”

Holland went on to claim that he believes 50 has some sort of ties to the government that keeps him protected and not held accountable for his actions. The former kingpin reportedly went on to mention others he feels has been victimized by the entertainer, name dropping MURDER INC founders Chris and Irv Gotti, Megan Thee Stallion, as well as the mother of his eldest son, both of which he has estranged relationships with. He reportedly added in the suit:

“[I] believe 50 Cent has some type of protection from the federal government, this has been mentioned by several people he has been involved with in VIOLENT situations…He callously targets people on social media for ONE purpose: their humiliation and his gain..,.This is what he did to DJ Khaled, Shaniqua Tompkins, Megan The Stallion and countless others. He thought [I] was going to be his latest victim, but [I] fought back, it’s the ONLY way you can deal with a BULLY!”

Reportedly, Holland ended with a plea of protection, claiming that it’s not only his life at stake but his family members as well. It’s unclear from the report why exactly he’s so certain that 50 has hired assassins to take him out, but he wrote in the court documents that he has since armed himself and is always on alert in case he’s attacked. He reportedly continued in the complaint:

“[We] now live in FEAR every single second of day of these unknown and unidentifiable KILLERS showing up at any time/anywhere to carry out 50 Cent’s orders to intimidate and or to MURDER them, to eliminate the legal consequences of the lawsuits brought against him…the weapons that [we] NOW are armed with are due to the FEAR of being a victim of violence at any moment by these HIRED GOONS. [We] have no idea when the violence is coming, just prepared for when it’s does. However 50 Cent has the advantage, cause he controls what the HITMEN do, the contract is between him and the them, so all [we] can do is anticipate the INEVITABLE, every single second of the day.”

Though 50‘s lawyers reportedly argued that Holland’s suit was “nothing more than an abuse of the judicial system and should not be allowed to proceed to discovery”, it seems the judge disagreed. There is no word on when a trial will begin for the case at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson