Kanye West Was Allegedly Having A Meltdown About Divorce From Kim Kardashian When He Attacked & ‘Severely Injured’ Autograph Dealer Who Is Now Suing Him For Assault

Kanye West Was Allegedly Having A Meltdown About Divorce From Kim Kardashian When He Attacked & ‘Severely Injured’ Autograph Dealer Who Is Now Suing Him For Assault

Hip hop icon Kanye West was recently hit with a new lawsuit.

Reportedly, a man who was looking to secure a signature from the famed musician caught him on the wrong evening and allegedly left with nothing but a beat down.

Kanye West

RadarOnline reports that the suit was filed by an autograph dealer named Justin Poplawski at the Los Angeles Superior Court. In his complaint, the plaintiff says he was assaulted by Kanye West, 46, who he attempted to get an autograph from back in 2022, while the rap star was leaving a studio. Poplawski says he’s pretty reputable in the industry and was able to get West’s John Hancock without incident in the past. However, he claims this specific interaction unsuspectedly turned violent as the “Donda” artist was enraged upon exiting the facility.

Video footage taken moments after the alleged assault showed West seemingly very irate and yelling at one of his associates while Poplawski was on the ground. In his suit, the alleged victim says that West began referencing hisf***ing divorcefrom his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and shouted at him:

“I’m going to make a f—— example out of you”

If you recall, West and Kardashian were going through a very public and messy separation at the time after the SKIMS founder filed for divorce back in 2021. Before settling the terms of their split, West seemed adamant about putting his family back together, though he did make several shady remarks about Kardashian, her family, and her career – especially after she went public with her then-beaux Pete Davidson. The “SNL” star became the subject of many attacks from the musician and the two engaged in several heated exchanges online. West eventually went on to make a public apology about his antics.

However, as the assault he’s currently being sued for reportedly took place in January of that year, it seems safe to assume the Grammy Award winner was journeying through his healing process. In a clip from the incident, West, seemingly referring to Kardashian, can be heard yelling at his associate:

“You were supposed to talk to her!”

Poplawski adds in the suit that West also told the individual:

“go to the f***ing house and get my f***ing kids.”

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West and their children

Allegedly, West went on to double down on his threats against the plaintiff before hitting him while yelling:

“Go the f— [out of] here before I beat you the f— up. I’m going to make an f—– example out of you.”

After asking for an apology, Poplawski says West responded “Apology for what?”, and continued to strike him multiple times “severely injuring” him.

Poplawski is reportedly seeking an undisclosed amount in damages for the alleged past and future medical bills, past and future lost earnings, and the mental pain and suffering along with disfigurement caused by the attack. Reportedly, the plaintiff’s wife is also suing for a loss of consortium, claiming she lost the companionship of her husband as a result of the incident. A judge has not yet ruled on the matter at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson