Bandman Kevo Gets ‘White Lives Matter’ & Donald Trump Image Tattooed On Him [VIDEO]

Bandman Keso

Bandman Kevo Gets ‘White Lives Matter’ & Donald Trump Image Tattooed On Him [VIDEO]

Bandman Kevo is seemingly in support of Kanye West’s “white lives matter” movement. 

Bandman Kevo took to Instagram between the hours of yesterday (Nov. 8) and today to reveal the process of his two leg tattoo sleeve being conducted by Instagram user @phorever_ink in Miami, Florida. Bandman Kevo made headlines after he shared to his Instagram story that he got “white lives matter” included on his full leg tattoo sleeve.

Along with his controversial tattoo, the musician also added a tattoo of Kanye West wearing a well known Donald Trump hat that states “make America great again.”

Showing his support of the “white lives matter” movement, Bandman Kevo tattooed the face’s of few other famous white billionaires to his leg sleeve. The tattoo artist showed his skills by including former United States president Donald Trump, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to the masterpiece that took more than 30 hours to complete.

As previously reported, Kanye West was scrutinized last month after he displayed his infamous “white lives matter” gear at a Yeezy presentation during Paris Fashion Week. Followed by the fashion show, reports stated that a representative from the fashion designer’s team handed out the controversial t-shirts, previously worn by the rapper and Canadace Owens, to homeless people on Skid Row. 

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill