Popular YouTubers Austin & Catherine McBroom Announce Divorce After 6 Years Of Marriage: ‘We Will Be Writing A New Book As Separate Authors’

Austin McBroom, Catherine McBroom

Popular YouTubers Austin & Catherine McBroom Announce Divorce After 6 Years Of Marriage: ‘We Will Be Writing A New Book As Separate Authors’

Another famed couple has kicked off 2024 by calling it quits. 

Popular YouTuber Austin McBroom, 31, just revealed he’s no longer with his wife, Catherine McBroom, 33. Austin and Catherine launched their popular vlog-style YouTube channel back in 2016 and in 2020 they revealed that they secretly tied the knot a few years prior during a private ceremony. The former love birds share three children – Elle, 7, Alaia, 5, and Steel, 3. Over the years they have managed to grow their YouTube following to over 18 million subscribers.

Austin McBroom, Catherine McBroom and their children

In April 2022 they posted a video about their plans to host a formal wedding event, however, it seems a lot has changed since then. In his lengthy post about their separation, Austin, in part wrote, 

“We have mutually agreed to a divorce but will remain a team when it comes to our kids. We created one of the greatest stories, almost a decade together, so many memories, so many accomplishments but every book comes to end. And now we will be writing a new book as separate authors.”

He added,

“This transition is not easy but we both are making it as easy as it can be for our family. We will continue to be the best parents to our kids. Separations are difficult and most times messy but you will see how we push through these difficult times as a unit and keep influencing with love and positivity.”

Their divorce may come as no surprise for some as the couple has been at the center of many controversies and scam allegations for years. The claims surrounding the pair have seemingly played into them having financial problems. In 2021 they lost their $10 million mansion to foreclosure, according to reports. However, instead of downsizing following the incident they reportedly relocated to a $5 million mansion in Hollywood, paying $20,000 a month in rent. 

Many have speculated that they subjected their fans to dishonest schemes in order to fund their lavish lifestyle.

Catherine addressed the divorce on her own Instagram, sharing similar sentiments as her ex, she, in part, wrote, 

“We have mutually agreed to a divorce and will part amicably. Our paths as a couple have shifted and has created challenges that are irreconcil-able [SIC]. This decision comes with a very heavy heart. As heartbreaking as this is, I also feel liberated. I have spent the past few years prioritizing my children and honoring my commitment to my family; all the while I seemed to be losing myself and my own personal happiness.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel