Jeannie Mai Says She & Jeezy Are NOT Married After She Called Him Her Husband

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai Says She & Jeezy Are NOT Married After She Called Him Her Husband

Jeannie Mai and her fiancé Jeezy didn’t secretly tie the knot.

“The Real” co-host and “Dancing With The Stars” competitor sparked speculation that she and Jeezy were secretly husband and wife after she called him her “husband” in an Instagram story earlier this week. While showing fans her at-home studio, Jeannie Mai also shared a note that Jeezy left her for the season 7 premiere of “The Real” and said:

“The best part is, look at my good luck charm for today, my note from my beautiful husband. I love him so much.”

It didn’t take long for fans to wonder if the two got married in private. Jeannie Mai responded on Wednesday’s episode of “The Real (Sept. 23rd) and asked:

“Where’s the lie? I don’t see a problem.”

While she clarified that she and Jeezy aren’t married yet, she also defended calling him her husband.

“Guys, no! There as not been a wedding because you guys would of course know. But second of all, when you say yes, you should already look at that person like your husband. When I say yes, if I wasn’t comfortable calling him my husband, I wouldn’t say yes in the first place.”

Jeannie Mai continued:

“By the way, guys call their ladies ‘wifey’ all the time… Trust me, if there was wedding the entire country of Vietnam would know. You think you’re not gonna hear about it?”

Jeezy proposed to Jeannie Mai in May.

When asked if they would have been married right now had it not been for COVID-19, she said:

“Planning a wedding doesn’t feel right in my soul.”

She added:

“I’d have to make myself do it. It’s not something I wake up thinking about. I wake up thinking about the fact that a lot of my relatives are out of jobs. I’m thinking about the fact that we have to move our situations to make sure we protect our kids and our moms. There are things that are much more important at this time. So, yeah, we would be [married] but spiritually we feel…”

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Authored by: Char Patterson