Soulja Boy’s Baby Mama Prescribed Anxiety & Insomnia Medication To Deal w/ Distress Amid Defamation Lawsuit Against Blueface

Soulja Boy’s Baby Mama Prescribed Anxiety & Insomnia Medication To Deal w/ Distress Amid Defamation Lawsuit Against Blueface

Soulja Boy and Blueface’s beef has gone beyond the internet.

As previously reported, last month, rappers Soulja Boy and Blueface got into a viral feud that set social media ablaze.

Now, it’s been said that the mother of Soulja Boy’s son, Jackilyn Martinez, has had to see a psychiatrist due to Blueface’s demeaning claims about her. Martinez’s lawyers recently revealed that their client was prescribed anxiety and insomnia medication to help cope with the aftermath of Blueface’s untrue statements about the paternity of the child she shares with Soulja Boy.

The legal professionals also said she’s dealing with a great deal of emotional distress due to the threats she’s been receiving from fans of the “Thotiana” rapper.

If you didn’t know, the online quarrel stemmed from Blueface’s interview with comedic influencer Funny Marco. During the episode of ‘Open Thoughts,’ he was asked if he’d outdo Soulja in a song-for-song battle.

Blueface told Marco,

“To be honest, I’m a professional performer, so I can beat anybody. I can outperform anybody… hit-for-hit.”

Although the California native (seemingly) assured that he didn’t have any issues with Big Draco, the “Crank That” phenomenon didn’t take too kindly to his remarks.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy, 33, replied in a video response:

“You gon’ perform ‘Buss Down Thotiana’ five times in a row. Cut it out, n*gga!”

He added,

“I got songs with 50 Cent… all types of sh*t. Like, bro, do you really know my catalog? Come on, bruh! ‘Gucci Bandana’ with Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo. Rest in peace, Shawty Lo. N*gga, don’t make me go in the vault… n*gga, I’ll get to pulling out sh*t with Bow Wow and sh*t, nigga. N*gga, what? I’ll get to pulling out sh*t with Yo Gotti, get to pulling out sh*t with [The] Game. You know how many songs I got, buddy?”


Of course, following Soulja’s comments, Blueface clapped back, which led to a heated back-and-forth between the two across their social media platforms.

What began as rap-game banter soon took a horrible turn when the fellas brought up the special ladies in each of their love lives. Blueface then took it a step further by saying that he and the mother of Soulja’s son, Jackilyn Martinez, had sexual relations in the past.

The 26-year-old posted,

“I hit yah Bm already soulja boy ask her who perform better hit for hit.”

He also stated that there was (allegedly) a possibility that her young child could be his.

Blueface expanded:

“Soulja kissing f*ck every time he see his child. Might be my kid he ain’t even get the DNA test.”

Additionally, the MILF Music CEO “informed” Soulja that he and Jackilyn Martinez had (supposedly) gotten it on the day before their baby shower in 2022.


Not long after Blueface’s allegations, in December, the celebrity hairstylist sued her baby father’s newfound enemy for defamation. According to reports, court records did show that Martinez admitted to having an intimate encounter with Blueface, which would’ve been around the time that she appeared in his “Fucced Em” video.

However, she claimed that since then, there’s been no romantic interaction, whatsoever, and their previous rendezvous was “protected.”

Jackilyn Martinez

Martinez revealed that she’d sent a cease and desist letter to Blueface via her Instagram.

In newer developments regarding the case, her attorneys have documented that their client is undergoing a massive amount of “emotional distress.” In addition, communication between Martinez and Soulja is (allegedly) limited now, which is affecting their son, reports claim.

No word on what’s next just yet. We’re hoping all blow over well.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell