Peter Thomas Blasted By Former Bar One Miami Employee Who Claims His Establishment Owes Her $1400 In Unpaid Wages

Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas Blasted By Former Bar One Miami Employee Who Claims His Establishment Owes Her $1400 In Unpaid Wages


Peter Thomas is in the hot seat and is being called out by his former employee for unpaid wages.

A woman by the name of Candi recently took to social media claiming that she is owed $1400 by Peter Thomas Bar One in Miami. On Tuesday (May 30) Candi uploaded a video sharing her frustrations to TikTok. In the footage, she appears to be at the Bar One establishment in Miami as she attempts to finally get paid. However, the clip shows another woman, who is seemingly the general manager, walking away quickly once Candi starts to record.

From behind the camera, Candi says,

“They don’t want to pay me my money. They owe me $1400, they don’t wanna pay me.”

The camera then shows several receipts that Candi has, seemingly proving that she is, in fact, owed money.

She continues,

“I’m sitting here until the police come. They owe me $1400…They don’t wanna pay me my money. Peter, you’re a f**ing scammer. You owe motherf***ers money. Your checks bounce and you don’t wanna pay people their money. Give me my bread today.”


@Bar ONE Miami Beach the General Manager (the worst in history) has been giving me the run around for a week now. Having me drive 40 minutes 3 days promising to pay me @peterthomasrhoa made a video wishing he would get the respect the white man does in the hospitality business but doesnt pay his workers properly. I bust my ass for that money and for that woman to tell me she not paying me because I was trying to tell her she was trying to short me is insane I sat there for a hr while she looked for my receipts and the VP sat her self at the bar and drank a gimlet on my last shift as the restaurant was going down the drain! This business needs to be investigated. Checks bounce and they pay workers under the table well pay me! #scammers #dontsupport #wontpayworkers im trying to make a honest living I have two kids and this how they do people who dont have much why does the rich steal from the poor this is insane #kandiburruss can you tell your friend to pay his workers he scamming us poor folk @kandiburuss he taking from the poor! He owes me a paycheck and wont compensate me! The GM he hired wont pay me but called the police on me because she tried to short me out my pay

? original sound – Candi Can

Candi later uploaded another video providing an update on the matter. The former Bar One employee says that she contacted the Department of Labor and there is already an open investigation going on with the establishment. Apparently, there are others who also claim they are owed money by the former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star and his various companies.

According to Candi,

“There are dozens of former employees, maybe even people who still work for the company that have not been compensated…If y’all ever worked for Bar One whether it be in Baltimore, Miami, any of his old companies and y’all was not compensated, please send me a message because the quicker we can get everybody together and the quicker we can get evidence, the quicker we can get our money.”


Ok I reached ok to the District of Labor first step done…IRS next?! I been seeing EEOC BBB and so forth I have a case number I have to go file a civil suit. Again if you worked for the company and have not been paid please send me your name number and what location. This is an on going matter not with just the State but the US as he stated over the phone #fairpay #equalopportunity #DOL #EEOC #BBB #PayisdontPlayus #Barone #Baronemiami

? original sound – Candi Can

This isn’t the first time Peter Thomas has had financial issues or been accused of owing money. Last year, the reality star was accused of owing $450k in back taxes for an Atlanta restaurant that shut down in 2010.

The restaurant was called Uptown Restaurant & Lounge and while it was running, Peter allegedly failed to make a total of 10 payments. Apparently, the missed payments were able to fly under the IRS’ radar–until now.

When the eatery officially closed its doors, Peter blamed The Great Recession, which began in 2007 and ended in 2009. Peter was accused of not paying his taxes from December 2008 to December 2009.

Peter Thomas

In 2019, theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported that Peter was forced to close his Charlotte bar over a tax lien. He allegedly racked up more than $200,000 in unpaid taxes. The sports bar–called Sports One Charlotte–was said to return without Peter. According to a source, the bar fell off the map due to Peter’s inability to juggle his finances for multiple projects.

If that isn’t enough, his ex-wife, RHOA alum Cynthia Bailey, sued him for an unpaid loan in 2020. They have since made a private settlement.

Cynthia and Peter wed in 2010, the same year they began starring in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They divorced in 2017.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole