August Alsina Urges Jessie Woo & Tamar Braxton To Make Amends As The Women Continue To Feud Online: ‘Give Grace & Let Go’

August Alsina, Jessie Woo, Tamar Braxton

August Alsina Urges Jessie Woo & Tamar Braxton To Make Amends As The Women Continue To Feud Online: ‘Give Grace & Let Go’

R&B singer August Alsina doesn’t want to see Jessie Woo and Tamar Braxton attack each other any further.

The musician used his social media account to show love to the co-workers recently and encouraged them to end their ongoing beef.

August Alsina

It seems that August Alsina, 31, gave his two cents on the situation after realizing that a review of his cologne was intermingled in the initial video Jessie Woo posted, explaining why she and Tamar Braxton are currently at odds. As we covered earlier this week, the Dish Nation co-hosts, according to Woo, have not been friendly with each other for a few months due to the “Love & War” singer coming at her sideways about her friend. Woo claimed Braxton felt the friend, who was later identified as Maggie Carrie, was flirting with her fiancé Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson, and threatened to “kill” her.

The two women have since been exchanging heated words aimed at one another online, prompting Alsina to show them both some love in hopes that the positive energy would circulate between them. Explaining that he never paid Woo to review his product and acknowledging the placement of the review in her video, he wrote:

“These are not paid ad’s. In fact, after I saw both reviews, with genuine, honest response; I reached out & she rejected every dollar I wanted to pay her for the support. With that being said, I want to give acknowledgment to the beautiful, @thejessiewoo & her pure heart. It’s sometimes hard to stay pure while remaining authentic.. yet, she somehow does just that.

Bless you bro major love to & for you.”

He continued:

“Now lastly, because of where the second slide review was intertwined in conversation.. I also want to acknowledge @tamarbraxton
Another beautiful black woman, another good, brightly shining soul.
We all out here tying to figure out life bro. Learning to love, to co-exist and thrive together. Give grace, & let go.
Yall are both magical enough to continue to do just that.
I love you both & yall talented as hell.

Despite the sweet gesture, it doesn’t appear that Woo is ready to concede anytime soon. Seemingly ignoring Alsina’s plea for a cease-fire, she left a comment under the post that only acknowledged his fragrance, writing:

“I looooove the scent!” 

Over on her own Instagram page, Woo left up several of her posts about Braxton that she made in response to a video the “Braxton Family Value’s” star posted, reacting to her initial video. Braxton refuted claims that she threatened Woo and argued that the two had a conversation the following day that made it seem like things were all good between them. She also claimed that she’s been a good friend to Woo and supported her singing career although her team was against allowing her to open up a show for her. Braxton also suggested Woo was fake, claiming that she previously supported her during her beef with “RHOA” Kandi Burruss but recently changed tunes. If you recall, Braxton accused Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker of previously threatening her.

In response to the videos, Woo uploaded multiple stories defending her friendship with Burruss, accusing Braxton of creating a toxic workplace environment and slamming her overall character. In one post she wrote:

“Everyone around this individual be scared of the antics, I am not. Just cause I didn’t detail talking to my workplace in my video doesn’t mean I didn’t. You bully, you lie and then cry & play victim. Same wash and rinse cycle. Everywhere you go.”


“Playing online games for the past few weeks knowing you tried to punk me and threatened to kill someone you met thru me over a NON-Cartwright is parasite behaviors. The caliber of friends I have don’t even entertain these low brown conversations. GROW UP!!!!!”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson